Best Ways to Surprise your boyfriend on his birthday


Cake at 12 O’ clock

Birthdays are incomplete without cakes or at least cupcakes. Customize the cake with a quote, a wish, or go for a fondant cake that looks like something your boyfriend likes. Car, soccer, and PlayStation-themed cakes can be a great option. But not all boyfriends like that and if you think your boyfriend will be happier to receive a chocolate mousse cake or velvet cake on his birthday then don’t buy a fondant cake. If a cake seems like a lot of calories, get a few cupcakes of your choice that you two can finish.

Cake at 12 O’ clock

Written by Regina Lewis
3 years ago

Buy Him Tickets to a Football Game

Buy your boyfriend and his friends’ tickets for his favorite football game. This arrangement does not involve you and if you don’t like football you shouldn’t go. But letting your boyfriend have a great day with his friends is a way of showing how much you value his passions. 

Written by Tony Perry
3 months ago

Candlelit Dinner

Coming home to a candlelit dinner is an amazing birthday surprise, especially if your boyfriend likes to spend some quality time with you. Pick up his favorite food, some scented candles, and flowers (if he likes flowers). Clean the house, arrange the table with fine cutlery and dishes. Light the candles and wear a nice perfume. Write a card for him and leave it on the table. You can also play music in the background to make the atmosphere magical. Mia and Sebastian’s Theme (Late for the date) can be great for a perfect romantic evening. Lastly, make sure that you shower him with attention.

Written by Rosemary Mack
5 months ago

Plan a Trip

Find a good picnic spot to visit on his birthday. Pack some delicious snacks and make his favorite sandwiches. Take him out on a beautiful picnic spot to have fun.

Choosing the right time for a picnic can make your day absolutely amazing. Going to the beach when the sun is coming up early in the morning or to a waterfall in the evening can be mesmerizing.

Find a tourist site that doesn’t get visited by a lot of people. If the birthday is on the weekend, and you go to a place that has a lot of people, the picnic will turn into a nightmare in no time. So make sure you choose the right spot that is beautiful and not many people know about this place.

Plan a Trip

Written by Louis Allen
1 month ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Surprise Your Boyfriend on His Birthday?

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