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Trash Can

A trash can lying in front of the house can be pretty annoying. Rot your food waste in a trash can and put it outside the house, probably near the neighbor’s window or door so that the smell annoys them. Keep it there for a few days, if your neighbor talks about it, tell them the garbage collector left it there and you had no idea.

Batt Insulation

Rigid polyiso or extruded polystyrene boards can be used to cover the basement walls. When building a basement, you have to think about molds, air seals, and rim joists. Another great alternative is batt insulation. Batt insulation is made of fiberglass, mineral wool, or a combination of both to insulate the floors, walls, and ceilings.

Batt Insulation

Invest in curtains

While natural light can be a great addition to any space, it can also be a huge pain when trying to darken a room. One of the easiest ways to fix this problem is by investing in a pair of curtains for your windows. You can buy some at most home supply stores. Many places offer a variety of patterns, colors and lengths for every window size. If you’re handy with a needle and thread (or own a sewing machine), you can make your own with a few yards of your favorite fabric.

Fold towels to save space

One of the best ways to fold the towels such that it saves maximum space is by rolling them. Roll each towel and place it on top of each other in a triangle shape. You can easily store a large number of towels in limited storage space.

Know the ripening temperature

Pears ripen best between 65 - 75F. Usually, Bartlett Pears ripen in 4-5 days and Bosc and Comice Pears need 5-7 days to reach peak ripeness. The best way to check the ripeness is through the Thumb Test. Check the neck of your pear daily for ripeness by applying gentle pressure to the stem-end or neck of the pear with your thumb. If the pear yields to pressure, it is ready to eat.

Practice mindfulness

This is a long-term process but has lots of benefits. Lately, mindfulness has gained a lot of traction owing to its apparent advantages for mental health.

If you find yourself under constant tension, join a class. It’s extremely likely that you’ll at least see an improvement in your stress levels.

Practice mindfulness

Get up and move within the classroom

Yes, this might not be appropriate in the middle of a lecture but doing an activity such as walking, jogging, stretching, and running before the lecture won’t harm your fellow members. Whatever activity you engage in, just make sure to pump up your blood. It does not only increase your energy levels but gives you a jolt of energy as well.

So, if you are in the middle of a lecture, no need to do it in the classroom. Ask for a time out, go out, and move your body. Even if you have no formal breaks, ask to use the bathroom and then exercise on the way back.

Text Her Fast

Don't go for the old "text her after three days" regime that we so commonly hear in movies and teen TV shows. If you get a girl's number, it's incredibly important to text her within the first 24 hours because that is what she is expecting from you. If you cross that 24-hour barrier, she'll start thinking that you're not interested in her. 

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