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Boost your mood with your favorite snacks

Eating can lift your mood in seconds. Most people do not eat in the winter season due to the fear of gaining weight. Little do they know that consuming healthy foods, such as protein in dinner, lunch, and breakfast can enhance mood and prevent sugar cravings instantly.

As we do not get much sunlight in the winter season, it is best to consume foods rich in vitamin D such as orange juice, milk, and breakfast cereal. These food sources help to alleviate winter blues. Boost your mood with your favorite snacks

Swing the Baby

Many people think that swinging a baby is the wrong way to put the baby to sleep because they won’t go to sleep if you don’t swing them. The truth is, with the right swinging, the baby should go to sleep in no time. Inside the womb, your baby was used to swinging when you moved and walked that is exactly what the baby needs to fall asleep. Rock the baby gently in your arms. Swaddle the baby tightly in a cloth with their feet straight and arms straight at the sides. This will keep the baby comfortable and warm. Rock the baby in your arms for a while. If the baby is not falling asleep, it could be because the baby is not tired, or well-fed.

Play Catch Me If You Can

Your puppy loves to follow you around and if you go out running, your puppy will follow you. So, when you take your puppy for a casual walk in your garden or to the park, run away for the puppy then slow down so the puppy can catch you. Laugh and give the puppy a big hug and do it again. If the puppy starts running away from you follow her. This will teach your puppy to play catch me if you can.

Play Catch Me If You Can

Press with a Knife

Separate garlic cloves and lay them on the countertop or your chopping board. Lay the knife flat on the clove and press with your palm. Be careful to avoid hurting yourself with the sharp end. Pressing hard should mash the garlic and the peel should come off easily.

Install Shutters

Shutters are inexpensive and very easy to install. You can install them in the baby room easily on your own. Shutters can partially block out the light so if the curtains in the room are also light-colored you might also have to buy Bristol boards or Baby room blackout liners that go under the curtains. 

Go on Dates

Flirting can be very difficult if you two watch T.V every evening at home in your pajamas while munching on snacks. To keep the spark alive and flirt with your boyfriend go on a proper date. Dress up and go to your favorite place to eat. Doing this at least once a week can help you two have some time to feel romantic while connecting over dinner.

Go on Dates

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