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Don’t Just Compliment Physical Appearance

It feels great to know that you look good in that dress but what about all the other days you wore something else? Instead of complimenting physical appearance, compliment something that stays the same about them such as their beautiful smile or their amazing sense of humor. This way, they’ll always remember your compliments.

Don’t Just Compliment Physical Appearance

Homemade Cleaners

If you're looking to save some cash during your rust-removing ventures, a homemade cleaner will o the job well. You can use lemon or lime juice or even just coca-cola. However, you will have to do some heavy lifting and scrub for a significant period of time. Moreover, once the rust is gone, you will still have the acid to deal with

Do not expect and weigh all the possibilities

Your friends and family members might not react the way you have expected. If they are against the LGBTQ+ ideology, they might take time to digest the news. Even the supportive parents or friends might change permanently. The point is, you should not expect everything to go right. Expect for the worst but hope for the best.

Moreover, weigh all the possibilities of coming out. Ask yourself these questions:

- How will coming out make my life easier?

- How will coming out make my life difficult?

- Is it worth losing relationships over my identity?

Always leave enough space for movement

As you’re designing your dream home, you might find that the kitchen is posing some challenges as it has different purposes than conventional rooms. Keep broad walkways in the kitchen to ensure that you have enough space for cabinetry as well as islands to move about. A general rule of thumb is to keep at least 36 inches of a walkway in the kitchen for everyone’s convenience. If you’re expecting multiple cooks at a time, go for a walkway that’s 48 inches. 

Ask Them

They might want to hug you too but don’t want to feel awkward if you don’t hug them back. Ask them if you can hug them or let them know that you are going to hug them. If the guy and you are friends, say something like; “get over here” or just greet them like you normally would and hug them. Keep the hug quick, if you’ve never hugged them before.

Adjust Your Posture

I’m often guilty of having the wrong posture in normal life and this habit also ruins my photos sometimes. To always look great at photos, it is necessary to fix your posture and find the right pose. I like to keep my head up to make the jawline look more toned. Also, turn to my left or right a bit to make the arms appear thinner. Keep your back straight when sitting or standing to appear confident and hide that bulging tummy. When sitting cross your legs or move them to one side to look gorgeous and refined. 

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