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Looking for a quick fix before you head out the door? Shaving your upper lip with a facial razor is perfect for those that don’t have the time to go out and buy any hair remover tools. However, the results don’t last very long. Pretty soon, you will have to deal with your mustache again. Make sure to buy new facial razors after a few uses. Using dull razors on your delicate skin can damage and irritate it.

Compliment a Habit

Many men have a habit of solving problems, supporting, and helping their female counterparts or friends. Next time the guy helps you with something or holds the door open for you, compliment their good habits. Tell them something like; “You have such a good heart” or say “Thank you, you are such a gentleman”. 

Compliment a Habit

DIY Chicken Seasoning

Combine freshly ground pepper, some paprika, salt, dried basil, cayenne pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder. Rub the seasoning thoroughly all over the chicken pieces. If any pieces are thicker, cut them into smaller pieces so they absorb the flavor from the seasoning. You can also store this seasoning in a jar for later use. 

DIY Chicken Seasoning

Place them with apple and banana

A unique thing about Avocado is that it does not ripe while it is on the tree. Inorder to rip it, you must cut it off the tree and the ripening process will start. Avocados do not rip quickly. For boosting the ripening process, you can place it with banana and apple. You can use plastic bags or you can mix up buckets of banana, apple and avocados to boost the ripening process. It works because the ethylene hormone from banana and apple boosts ripening.

Propose at the Airport

If your boyfriend has been away for a while and is now coming back, proposing at the airport is a great way to surprise him and get a big YES. When you see him at the airport, kneel down and hold the ring and ask him: Will you marry me? Your boyfriend who had been missing you, and has been waiting to see you will be beyond surprised and happy to see you proposing to him. 

Propose at the Airport

Perform strength training

Perform strength training

Strength training, also known as resistance training or weight lifting, is very important for gaining muscle mass.

A study involving overweighed teenagers shows that a combination of weight lifting and aerobic exercise resulted in a great decrease in abdominal fat.

One other study involving people with prediabetes and fatty liver disease showed that strength training can be very beneficial for decreasing belly fat.

Strength training can be an important weight loss strategy and may help burn belly fat. 


Eggs are a classic and delicious way to amp up your instant ramen. If cooking on the stovetop, simply crack an egg into the pot when your noodles are nearly done cooking. You can leave it there for a sort of poached effect, and wait for it to cook, or you can swirl it around and break up the yolk for more of an "egg drop soup" feel.

The possibilities don't end there, though. If you like, you can do a fried egg. Or a boiled egg. Or a boiled egg that's been marinating in sugar and soy sauce - this adds colour and gives you the kind of egg that you would see in fancy ramen shops.

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