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Compliment Them

Complimenting is not about flattering them. If you have grown to like this person, find out what’s attracting you to them. Compliment their eyes/ tattoo/hair or whatever you think is attractive. Don’t compliment about everything. Compliments are generally considered nice and can get them to think about you and look at your profile. Don’t offend them, if they feel offended, apologize to them

Wet your teeth before you smile

Wetting your teeth before your smile is a simple and efficient trick. It makes your smile look bright and shiny. Just roll your tongue over your teeth before you smile for the camera. This will prevent your smile from looking dull and 'pop' your smile on the picture.

Wet your teeth before you smile

Treasury Securities

Sometimes the government needs money to pay debts, plan the next big thing, or invest in projects. You can be a part of it by buying treasury bills. They are sold at face value and become profitable when they mature. The owners can hold them for a few months for a quick turn around time and they are compensated full value of the interest when they mature. Don’t sell them before they mature or else you will be taking a loss.


Bed bugs population can multiply before you know it. Don’t ignore a bed bug or bed bug bites when they first start to appear. Get rid of them as soon as possible before they establish infestation in your house. If you live in an apartment, the bed bugs may also spread to neighboring apartments when their population grows. Prevent their entry into your house and clean their hiding spots regularly. Keep your laundry tidy and arranged inside your closet. Declutter the house and vacuum every day.

Make a Snowball

Advocaat is a traditional Dutch drink, considered as alcohol, is made from sugar eggs and brandy. It has a Custer-like smooth taste and rich, creamy look. You can further boost the taste of this drink with some recipes. For example the Snowball advocate. Typically a snowball advocate consists of lime juice mixed with avocado. Sometimes you can add lemonade to boost the taste more. The ratio is 1 shot of each of the ingredients. But you can configure the ratio according to your own preference.

Let him meet with a variety of people and dogs

Expose your dog to a variety of dogs, children, men, and women so he can get comfortable in socializing. If your dog is fond of hanging out with one person, it can affect his social life. It is great to crucify his social calendar and pay attention to all his greets and meets.

If your dog acts strange and scared, do not push him to do better or make a great deal out of it. One way to encourage him to socialize is to give him treats whenever he meets a new person.

Wet the Cloves

To peel the cloves with your hands, making the garlic cloves wet can help loosen the garlic skin. Use a knife to help you peel garlic or simply pluck it with the tips of your fingers and nails. 

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