Best Ways to Peel garlic


Bottle Trick

Find an empty jar or a medium-size bottle that you can use to peel garlic. Place the garlic inside the jar, tighten the lid and start shaking. Shake until the cloves have separated. Open the jar and take out the peels. Put the lid back on and shake for a minute or two until you notice all the cloves peeled.

Written by Sarah Patrick
3 years ago

Wet the Cloves

To peel the cloves with your hands, making the garlic cloves wet can help loosen the garlic skin. Use a knife to help you peel garlic or simply pluck it with the tips of your fingers and nails. 

Written by Etta Richardson
3 years ago

Press with a Knife

Separate garlic cloves and lay them on the countertop or your chopping board. Lay the knife flat on the clove and press with your palm. Be careful to avoid hurting yourself with the sharp end. Pressing hard should mash the garlic and the peel should come off easily.

Written by Holly Ferguson
1 month ago

Microwave Garlic

Place the garlic cloves in a microwave and heat the cloves for half a minute. Take them out and let them cool a bit. Press or pull the end of the garlic clove. The entire garlic skin should come off easily. The garlic should also be soft and take less time to cook.  

Written by Tom Branch
3 months ago

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