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Discover When are you the Most Productive

There is always a specific time of the day when you are getting things done quickly. This period is what you need to utilize effectively for the most important job. If you have a task that requires attention, and focus, do it during this period.

I personally like to do the chores that need more attention on the weekend evening because evenings are peaceful when I have exercised, eaten, and cleaned the house. Find out what is the right time during the day to work for you. Schedule the tasks that require focus during this period.

Discover When are you the Most Productive

Check your blood pressure

If you have high blood pressure, it can cause nose bleeds. If you have suffered from a nose bleed a few times in a short while, seek medical advice. There can be a possibility that you have high blood pressure. 

Biweekly payments

Instead of paying one monthly installment, pay your bank twice every month. This way, you will have paid an amount equivalent to 13 monthly payments. Continuing this over the tenure of your loan will shave off as many as 4-6 years on a 30-year mortgage. If your mortgage loan’s tenure is 15 years, biweekly payments will cut down 1 to 3 years from the total tenure, depending on the rate of interest and the amount of loan. That being said, not all lenders accept biweekly payments, so check with your banker and see if they allow such an arrangement. 

Biweekly payments

Use warm water

If you are not sure about using a knife, then no need to worry. There is always an easier way and in case of orange peeling that easy way is warm water. First, take the oranges and put them in warm water. Submerge them so the whole body comes in contact with warm water. After some time, take them out of the water and let them rest for a minute before peeling. The orange body will easily glide off because of the rind. After a minute, you will be able to easily peel off the orange just with your hands.

Coffee mugs

Are your parent’s coffee lovers? If so, then buying matching coffee mugs with a sentence like,

“You are going to be a grandma!”


“You are going to be a grandpa!”

The mug is something that they will see every day and that will put a smile on their face.

Let the cough out

Although it may not feel very comfortable, coughing actually aids the healing process. Coughing is your body’s way to let the infection out. Instead of using cough suppressants, speak to your doctor if you can’t rest as a result of a bad cough.

Also, stay away from the smoke and let your lungs heal. Smoking is only going to make your coughing worse and slow down your recovery. 

Let the cough out

Change your wallpaper

One of the quickest ways to personalize your electronics is by choosing a wallpaper that reflects who you are, your life or your personality. There’s many options to choose from. You can opt for a more fashionable choice like a black and white photograph or a specific design. Another options is to choose your favorite photo from your camera roll. Personal pictures can give a sweet, intimate feel to your Mac.

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