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Get Back on Your Routine

The first thing depression strips away from you is your happiness and the second one is your routine. The days will start passing by and you won’t be accomplishing anything. The best way to fight depression is to get back on your routine and do what needs to be done.

Make a to-do list and try to get out of the house if you can. When your partner or a family member is going out to get the groceries or a walk, offer to join them or go on your own. Try to do more of what you are supposed to be doing. Indulge yourself in cooking, cleaning, or gardening. If you have abandoned work, start working.

Going to Twin Rivers with a stop for something to eat

Driving from New Beaver to Twin Rivers first of all make a stop at Subway for something handy to eat. Next hit Lewistown High School Athletic Fields, it is good! Then visit Hendel House. It's good!

New Beaver
PA 16157
3rd Street, Clymer, PA 15728
Lewistown High School Athletic Fields
Manor Drive, Lewistown, PA 17044
Hendel House
746 Centre Avenue, Reading, PA 19601
Twin Rivers
NJ 18520
The best route to Twin Rivers from New Beaver

From Stockton to Morningside with some some sporting added

While going from Stockton to Morningside first of all make a stop at Fitness Connection to get that body going! After that hit CCC Camp for a leg stretcher with extras :). Third stop at Hallmark for a leg stretcher and some shopping. Then stop by Timeless Trends for picking up a few things!

NY 14784
Fitness Connection
East Arch Street, Saint Marys, PA 15857
CCC Camp
Beaver Mills, PA 16866
5580 Good Lane, Logan Township, PA 16603
Timeless Trends
North Center Street, Thurmont, MD 21788
The best route to Morningside from Stockton

From Chincoteague to Boiling Springs with a stop for a stay

When going from Chincoteague to Boiling Springs a way would be to first visit America's Best Value Inn for a pause. After that pay a visit to Pino's Pizza for a meal!

America's Best Value Inn
6493 Richmond Road, Croaker, VA 23188
Pino's Pizza
Buggs Island Road, Castle Heights, VA 23915
Heidelberg United Church of Christ
Forsyth Street, Thomasville, NC 27360
Boiling Springs
NC 28017
The best route to Boiling Springs from Chincoteague

My stops to Claxton from Boykins

While going from Boykins to Claxton a way would be to first of all pay a visit to Nimock's Fitness Center! Next make a stop at Sissy's Gift Shop for a leg stretcher.


Nimock's Fitness Center
Robert Johnson Drive, Fayetteville, NC 28311
Sissy's Gift Shop
South Mill Street, Manning, SC 29102
The best route to Claxton from Boykins

A good way from Nottoway to North High Shoals

Going from Nottoway to North High Shoals I suggest you first stop at Four Seasons Town Centre for great shopping. Finally visit Starbucks for some sodas!

I welcome feedback.

VA 23955
Four Seasons Town Centre
410 Four Seasons Boulevard, Greensboro, NC 27406
Hyatt Street, Gaffney, SC 29341
North High Shoals
The best route to North High Shoals from Nottoway

The best way to Menahga from Town of Lisbon

While going to Menahga from Town of Lisbon this is a good way: first of all hit 24/7 Fitness for a nice experience! After that look in on Grant House Hotel & Eatery for some rest.

Give it a spin!

Town of Lisbon
24/7 Fitness
South Roosevelt Road, Black River Falls, WI 54615
Grant House Hotel & Eatery
80 West 4th Street, Rush City, MN 55069
MN 55464
The best route to Menahga from Town of Lisbon

Going to Saint Louis Park with a stop for some shopping

When driving from Beaman to Saint Louis Park this is my suggestion.

Country Goods
22nd Avenue Northwest, Clinton Falls, MN 55060
Torey's Restaurant & Bar
Mound Street, Owatonna, MN 55060
Saint Louis Park
The best route to Saint Louis Park from Beaman

A nicer route from Troutdale to Fall City

Going from Troutdale to Fall City visit Paradise Village to fill up some energy!

Simple and sweet.

OR 97060
United Methodist Church Randle
Kindle Road, Randle, WA
Paradise Village
National Park Highway, Ashford, WA 98330
Fall City
WA 98024
The best route to Fall City from Troutdale

From Eastman to Yorkville

Going to Yorkville from Eastman first of all make a stop at Dixie General Store for picking up a few things. After that stop by Grocery Outlet for a leg stretcher and some shopping!

GA 31023
Dixie General Store
5752 US 431, Chulafinnee, AL 36264
Grocery Outlet
Old Springville Road, Clay, AL 35126
The best route to Yorkville from Eastman

My stops from Town of Middleton to Galva

Driving to Galva from Town of Middleton first stop by Dilly Bean for some shopping. After that visit Union Dairy for a cone of ice cream! Next stop by Read Park Pool, it is good!

Town of Middleton
Dilly Bean
1000 17th Avenue, Monroe, WI 53566
Union Dairy
126 East Douglas Street, Freeport, IL 61032
Read Park Pool
Park Lane Drive, Freeport, IL 61032
IL 61434
The best route to Galva from Town of Middleton

These were my stops going to Dollarville

When going to Dollarville from Almond I suggest visit Heritage Inn for a quick bite.

That's the one.

Heritage Inn
W2505 County Road JJ, Wagner, WI 54177
The best route to Dollarville from Almond

The best way to Genoa

When driving to Genoa from Cunningham I suggest you visit Ness City Swimming Pool for a quick swim in in the pool!

There you go.

Ness City Swimming Pool
South Lake Street, Ness City, KS 67560
The best route to Genoa from Cunningham

The best trip from Village of Owego to Wareham

If going from Village of Owego to Wareham I suggest first of all stop by McDonald's for a delicious meal! Then make a stop at MAC Fitness for some exercise. Next stop at Domino's for a little something to eat.

Village of Owego
NY 13827
West Main Street, Hancock, NY 13783
MAC Fitness
338 Plaza Road, Kingston, NY 12401
Simsbury United Methodist Church
Farmington River Trail, Simsbury, CT 06070
1070 North Main Street, Killingly, CT 06241
The best route to Wareham from Village of Owego

Why not this trip?

While driving from Holmes City to Lancaster I suggest stop by Best Western for a pause!

Holmes City
MN 56341
Best Western
North Chestnut Street, Chaska, MN 55318
Tesla Supercharger
Zumbro River Trail South, Rochester, MN 55902
WI 53813
The best route to Lancaster from Holmes City

My stops going to Butler

While driving from South Carrollton to Butler I suggest stop by Mrs. Curls for some awesome gelato!

Give it a spin. You might like it.

South Carrollton
KY 42374
Mrs. Curls
South Meridian Street, Greenwood, IN 46143
The best route to Butler from South Carrollton

Understanding Your Skin

Acne-prone skin tends to form comedones and blemishes. When bacteria, glandular oils, pieces of broken skin cells, and dust particles are trapped in skin pores, they form comedones that often cause pimples and acne. To treat acne, it is vital to recognize which of these particles are causing acne and then avoid their contact with the skin.

These were my stops to Yoakum from Ben Lomond

Last time I went to Yoakum from Ben Lomond this was the route I picked.

Ben Lomond
AR 71823
8946 South Broadway Avenue, Tyler, TX 75703
Old Magnolia Mercantile
120 West Oak Street, Palestine, TX 75801
TX 77995
The best route to Yoakum from Ben Lomond

These were my stops from Rio Rancho to Golden

If driving from Rio Rancho to Golden I suggest you make a stop at Starbucks for something handy to eat.

Rio Rancho
Rio Rancho, NM
Main Street, Alamosa, CO 81101
The best route to Golden from Rio Rancho

Prep before and after tanning

There are additional steps you can add to your routine before and after tanning to make sure you get the best results. Before you start tanning, use an exfoliator on your skin. This will help remove any dead skin that may flake off while tanning, causing uneven marks in your skin. After tanning, apply aloe vera gel to soothe your skin after being in the sun for so long. It's also a great way to help your tan last longer.

My stops to Scotia from Edgemere

While driving from Edgemere to Scotia first of all pay a visit to The Market Cafe to have some snacks and something to drink. Next stop by Walmart Supercenter for some shopping!

The Market Cafe
Centre Avenue, Topton, PA 19562
Walmart Supercenter
41 Bard Road, Town of Thompson, NY 12701
The best route to Scotia from Edgemere

These were my stops from Cornish to Mashpee

If going from Cornish to Mashpee I suggest you first pay a visit to Bagel Caboose for a some tasty food. Lastly make a stop at Erich's Clam Shack for a bite!

ME 04020
Bagel Caboose
176 State Road, Kittery, ME 03904
Erich's Clam Shack
Main Street, Scituate, MA 02051
MA 02649
The best route to Mashpee from Cornish

My stops to Leyden from Point Pleasant

While going from Point Pleasant to Leyden first of all hit G Willikers for getting yourself some small treats :-). Lastly visit Dunkin' Donuts for a something to eat!

Point Pleasant
NJ 08742
G Willikers
22 Forest Avenue, Oyster Bay, NY 11560
Dunkin' Donuts
East Main Street, Torrington, CT 06790
The best route to Leyden from Point Pleasant

My stops from Richburg to Adamsville

When going to Adamsville from Richburg I suggest you visit Mercer Mall for picking up a few things!

Mercer Mall
Orchard Street, Maple View, WV
The best route to Adamsville from Richburg

A nice route from Lucan to Regent

Ok!, Going to Regent from Lucan make sure to first of all make a stop at Snap Fitness for some training. Then visit Anytime Fitness, it is a nice stop!

Snap Fitness
1601 6th Avenue Southeast, Aberdeen, SD 57401
Anytime Fitness
South Main Street, Aberdeen, SD 57401
The best route to Regent from Lucan

My stops to Fairmount from Richland

Ok!, Driving to Fairmount from Richland make sure to hit Quality Inn for some rest.

MS 39218
Chapel In the Pines
4th Street, Scooba, MS 39358
Quality Inn
Norrel Drive, Trussville, AL 35173-1004
The best route to Fairmount from Richland

My fav stops from Lumpkin to Dora

Going to Dora from Lumpkin make sure to hit Auburn Flowers and Gifts for picking up a few things.

Auburn Flowers and Gifts
North College Street, Auburn, AL 36830
AL 35038
The best route to Dora from Lumpkin

The way to Cherrytree Township

Driving from Barre City to Cherrytree Township a way would be to first hit Empire Diner for a great lunch. After that stop by AJ's Mercantile and Craft Supplies for good shopping!

Barre City
VT 05641
Empire Diner
114 West Albany Street, Herkimer, NY 13350
AJ's Mercantile and Craft Supplies
205 Main Street, Dansville, NY 14437
Cherrytree Township
The best route to Cherrytree Township from Barre City

Uncut Ripe Avocadoes in Fridge

Avocadoes can be easily stored in the fridge when they are uncut. They may last for a week before starting to rot and catch fungus. To store the avocadoes in the fridge, place them in a plastic sheet or parchment paper and wrap. Place them close to the base of your fridge where they will stay colder. Check on them every day. If they are ripe, eat them sooner.

From Louisville to Grandy

If driving from Louisville to Grandy I suggest first visit Horse Camp for a nice experience! After that visit Splashdown Supplies for a leg stretcher.

NE 68037
Horse Camp
272nd Avenue, Lyon County, MN 56132
Splashdown Supplies
Splash Station Pool Deck, Shakopee, MN
MN 55029
The best route to Grandy from Louisville

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is a natural remedy for treating toenail fungus. The vinegar can kill most types of fungus therefore it might kill the fungus especially if the toenail fungus has just started to appear. Apply apple cider vinegar to your toenail with a brush just like you would put on nail polish. Let it sit for at least 30 minutes and then wash it. Repeat it for a few days to see if it works. If the fungus is spreading to the entire nail or other toenails, see a doctor as soon as possible.

Hop into the shower

Ever noticed how your blocked nose is able to breathe normally after a hot shower? That’s because the inflammation reduces and the mucus thins out when the hot steam goes in through your nose.

While it’s not possible for you to shower throughout the day, there are other ways to have steam enter your nose.

Stand in front of your bathroom sink and turn on the hot water. When the water is hot enough, cover your head with a towel and hover your head above the sink. Let the steam accumulate, and begin to draw deep breaths.

Word of caution: Make sure you don’t burn your face, keep a safe distance.

Create a Pattern

Creating a pattern with the hanging pictures will give the room a decent style and sharp look. If you are hanging 2 or three pictures of the same size, had them in a straight horizontal line above a couch. It will give the room a sleek look. You can also arrange them vertically in salon-style if you are dealing with 5 or more pictures.

Create a Pattern

Pop Culture is Wrong

Pop Culture is WrongThe first thing I want to say is that pop culture can't be more wrong with the way they show people waking up from a coma. When a person is comatose, their brain is functioning to a bare minimum it can. Your brain waves are only functioning enough to keep you alive. The brain can't process sound properly. However, saying the person's name repeatedly will spark certain brain waves that might just wake them up.

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