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Composing the photo

Shooting a streak of lightning looks amazing, but it does not tell us anything else from the picture. Create a setup and include the background and surrounding area in the picture. Use a wide-angle lens and think about how the image has been composed. Add other elements like a house, road, etc to tell a story from your picture.

Tell a story

Add a little flair to your essay by treating the opening as if it were a story. Pretend like you are a film director setting the stage. What elements should you add for your viewers to understand what is about to happen? Consider playing around with time, place, character, conflict, or mysterious objects in your “opening scene.”

“Colorado’s mountains can be treacherous in the winter, and in December 1961 a bus crashed on an icy road in the middle of the night.” – Carole McGranahan

Use a color correcting concealer

Covering your pimples with concealer and foundation will only go so far. If you want to get the maximum amount of coverage out of your complexion products, you need to use color corrector concealers on your pimples. For breakouts, you can use a green concealer. This will help neutralize any redness that may peek through your foundation. You can also do this with dark spots. To cover dark spots, use a peach or red color correcting concealer.

Saline sprays

Saline is a saltwater solution. A nasal saline spray helps increase the level of moisture in your nostrils which helps thin out the mucus in your nasal passages. It also helps reduce the inflammation of the blood vessels and empty the fluids from your nose.

Note that some saline sprays can include decongestant medication, and you should seek your doctor’s advice before using them. If you use those medicated saline sprays for more than 3 days, they can worsen your nasal congestion. They could also potentially cause side effects if taken with other medications. 

Don’t Disrespect Him

Even if the relationship was toxic or violent, you should try to end it as respectfully as possible. Rushing to say things that are inside your head during a heated argument will become a huge regret later. You two were together because you liked each other. If the other person, you, or the situation changed, it does not mean that the way you two felt for each other never existed. The person was important to you or could still be important, therefore they deserve to be treated with respect. 

Don’t Disrespect Him

Pack the Unwanted Things in Cartons

No matter how much you push yourself to donate stuff, there will be things that you don’t want to use or give away. It can be your first boxing gloves pair or an old t-shirt that you love but can’t fit into. Make a ‘memories box’ for these items. Pack them in more than one carton if there is a lot of stuff and move them to the attic or garage to free up space in the closet.

Take a bath

Sore muscles can make it hard to move around and do everyday things. You can ease muscle stiffness by taking a warm bath. The heat of the water will help relieve soreness and loosen tight muscles. It’s also a great way to help your body relax and let go of any tension. You can add epsom salt, essential oils or bubble bath to your water if you prefer. After your bath, make sure to put on some warm clothes to keep your muscles loose.

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