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Use a T-Shirt

Want your actions to do the talking for you? Just wear a T-Shirt! Custom printed t-shirts are a phenomenal idea to be subtle about it but still get the message across. You can wear something around the likes of "You're going to be a father." Or, if you don't want something so direct, you could go for "Bun in the Oven" to get the idea across. Whatever you write on the t-shirt, the reaction will be pretty surprising for your husband.


Mushrooms are a delicious, nutritious addition to any meal, and their naturally meaty texture and umami taste make them super easy to hide in any meal with ground beef. Bolognese, meatballs, sloppy joes, burgers, the options are limited only by your imagination.

All you need to do is chop the mushrooms very finely and add to your ground beef mix. If you're really concerned about the veggies being detectable, try grinding them up in a food processor. Start by adding 1/4 of the amount of beef and see if you'd like to add more.

Keep in mind that mushrooms shrink quite a bit when they are cooked, so if it looks like an overwhelming amount, it may not be by the time you're finished.


Open the Windows More Often

Odor in your carpet is a result of humidity in your room. To get rid of the smell, you need to let some fresh air in by opening windows more often. The smell could be due to a damp carpet so drying the carpet and letting fresh air in the room can improve the situation. If you spilled something or your pet urinated on the carpet, you need to have a carpet cleaner at home to clean it right away.

Open the Windows More Often

Used boxed macaroni

People tend to look down on boxed macaroni, but it's a great tool if you're feeling lazy, and doesn't have to be the fattening sodium-bomb people make it out to be. There are tons of ways to round out a box of macaroni and make it into a delicious, and slightly more balanced meal. There are also now tons of options for boxed macaroni - if you're really worried about the stuff in the blue box, there are tons of organic, low-sodium, and even vegan options.

You can add veggies to boxed macaroni, cauliflower and broccoli are classics, but you can add anything you like. Some add peas, diced carrots, or onions, which add a bit of variety in texture and flavor. Leftover meats, like chicken or beef, also round out the meal a bit more.

You can also consider adding seasonings, like mustard powder, paprika, garlic powder, to your mac and cheese. You can also consider garam marsala for a sort of curry mac and cheese.

Finally, you can also add extra cheese. If you have a bit of parm or cheddar in your fridge, grate it and mix it in near the end of cooking. It amps up the flavor and makes you feel like you're really cooking!

Get a massage

Massages are an excellent way to decompress and squeeze the stress out of you. It’s much more effective if you get someone else to massage you, but massaging yourself will also get the job done.

Get a massage

Mental stress often manifests as physical stress and it builds up tension in your muscles. If this is something you can relate to, take a few minutes to massage your neck and shoulders. It will surprise you how tense your muscles actually are.

Get Moving Toys

Cats love small toys and balls that move. Catching these toys and chasing them makes them feel like hunting their prey. Some cats prefer to play with the same toy always and forever however many cats get bored of playing with a toy within a few days or a week. To keep your cat interested in playing with toys, buy a bunch of toys and give your cat, one toy at a time. Toys that walk, or move to excite the cats and easily become their favorite toys.

Disable Startup Programs

A lot of times, your OS is going to slow down simply because it has to load up a lot of programs at the startup. Adobe programs, Google Drive/Dropbox, Steam, Spotify, productivity apps like Microsoft Teams, Slack, etc. always open on startup. To prevent them from opening up automatically, go to Task Manager > Startup and disable any program that shouldn't launch when you turn on your computer. This will significantly improve your experience and result in quicker boot times.

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