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Drink Coffee

Coffee has caffeine that boosts metabolism and heats up the body by burning fuel. Additionally, the hot beverage tastes great and can make you cozy any time of the day. People all around the world depend on coffee in the winter season to keep their body warm. 

Drink Coffee

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks help you work a lot of muscles in your body and they are also fun. Play your favorite music and dance to the beat or jump to it. Make sure you use almost all the muscles of your body by raising your arms to the highest point, tightening your core, and spreading your legs wide apart.

Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs can go with anything. When making scrambled eggs add the turmeric when it’s cooking if you like your scrambled eggs to be a bit dry. If you like to eat soggy scrambled eggs you can also sprinkle the turmeric when it has been transferred to a plate.

Be careful of how much turmeric you add to the eggs. If you have never consumed turmeric before, ideally you should go for just a pinch of turmeric. If you like it, you can sprinkle some more.

Scrambled Eggs

Listen to the music and find your rhythm

People dance because they are inspired to dance by a rhythm or a beat. At its most basic form, a dance starts with foot tapping to a catchy song. When you take the movement further, it becomes a dance.

To be a good dancer, you need to feel the music and express your emotions. For the beginner dancer, it is important to become familiar with the rhythm. Get your hands on some music related to your chosen dance style and listen to it at every opportunity.

Listen to the music and find your rhythm

Play Around With the Sensitivity

One of the best ways to really change things up and improve your overall game is to play around with your sensitivity. Most gamers, even me personally, are so used to playing on the same sensitivity that we're accustomed to it, even if it doesn't suit our playing style. There's a huge difference between comfortable and good. It's not necessary for a comfortable sensitivity setting to be good. Just randomize your sensitivity settings and experiment to see what works well for you.

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