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Support Them

Therapy is very important for a person if they are suffering from depression. Give them compliments, if they look happier or better after a few sessions. Appreciate them when they appear to be doing better. A little support and appreciation can go a long way when someone is recovering from depression.

If you catch them canceling their appointment because they have to get a friend from the airport or because they have to get groceries. Offer to do it for them or do it with them. Make them attend the therapy sessions. Drive them to the therapist’s office if they don’t feel like getting out of the house. Provide emotional support and be there when they need you.

Adequate sleep is key

Waking up early is one of the toughest things ever if you don’t do that every morning. To make sure you wake up early, try going to sleep at least 8 hours before the time you want to wake up. If you get adequate amount of sleep, waking up early in the morning will be easier. You could improve your bedtime routine by cutting off browsing through Facebook or Instagram before going to sleep. Instead, you could try reading a book (not PDF).

Be specific

Saying things like “You’re pretty” or “You’re smart” is fine every once in a while, but if you’re really trying to make your girl feel good about something with a compliment, make sure you say something very specific and unique. It will communicate to her that you value her and care about what she does.

You can also complement your girl’s failures, sometimes those work better. For example, if she lost a dance competition, tell her, “Your efforts were commendable, honey. You’ll come back stronger next time with what you learned this time and win. You deserve that trophy.”

Dance to a Song

Just the thought of dancing to your favorite song sounds a lot of fun and the fun doubles when you are walking on a treadmill. Dancing to a song will help you engage your core, the diaphragm, quadriceps, and many other muscles of your body. Dancing or moving your body while walking on the treadmill will not only increase the fat burning but also make the workout interesting and you’ll look forward to them.

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