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Sit up straight

When you sit up straight and put on an attentive expression, it tricks your brain into believing that you’re actually interested in what’s happening in the class. Even if it’s not your favorite subject, just pretend to be paying attention. Also, keep moving a little bit. Shift your position slightly, tap your toes, or roll your shoulders to keep your blood circulating. This will help you stay focused during the class.

Explain Why

Just spitting out the words doesn't necessarily mean much. Anyone can say the three words. It doesn't mean that the other person should fall head over heels for you. You need to explain why you feel that way. Go over what is attractive about the other person and why you feel obliged to tell them that. Go in-depth, discuss all the deep details. Really convince them that you love them before you say the words. If you're looking to say the words and have them stick in the other person's mind, this is how you do it.

Ginger Cookies

For those who love cookies, ginger cookies are a healthier alternative. Instead of munching sugar cookies, you can switch to ginger cookies. It is an easy and effective way to add ginger to your diet. The sweetness of sugar and bitterness of ginger balances the taste and makes the ginger cookies delicious. There are tons of ginger cookie recipes that you can use to make cookies, but I like to add ground ginger to the same easy-to-make sugar cookie recipe.

Ginger Cookies

Begin exercise

While your bones or muscles are recovering from their injuries, it is important that you stretch or make them exercise. But you must make sure that they are ready for it. Beginning exercise early can cause more harm than good. To make sure they are ready, do an ultrasonography test and visit a doctor. The doctors will be the better judge for determining your state. You might feel completely healed, but it’s not always like it feels. Deep inside, your muscle or bone may still be damaged. SO it is better to leave the judgment on the doctor.

Add a human effect

Adding a human element to your food photos adds a personal touch to the photography. Especially if you have a tattoo or a mark that people can identify as yours. It helps to create a sense of presence for the viewer because it is as if the photo has been captured from their point of view.

Add a human effect


Lameness refers to the condition when someone is unable to move one or two limbs. It is common in both humans and animals. The primary cause of lameness is injury in the bone or soft tissues like muscle and tendons. The amount of rest you need is determined by the injured part. If it is a bone, it will be healed within 2 to 3 months. In case of tissues, it depends on the type of it. If it is a muscle, it generally takes 3 to 4 days. But if it is a tendon or ligament that has a lower rate of regeneration, it will take a lot of time to heal, maybe over 6 months.

Find your comfort thing

When you’re feeling down in the dumps, it can seem impossible to pull yourself out of it. When you start feeling this way, go to the one thing that always makes you happy and cheers you up. Find a comfort thing that you can go to when things get hard. This can be anything: a hobby you love, the show that always makes you laugh, songs you like to sing to in the car. Just find the one thing that helps you feel more like yourself.

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