Best Ways to Say i love you


Don't Say it Frequently

"I love you" has a sacred feeling attached to it. These three words mean a lot more than people realize. It doesn't just mean that you like the other person. It means that you're passionate about them and want to keep them in your life. However, no matter how sacred the word is, it can be completely wasted due to being thrown in the conversation way more than necessary. It loses the sentiment attached to it and becomes a cliche. If you want the words to mean anything, save them for special occasions.

Written by Glenda Meyer
7 months ago

Explain Why

Just spitting out the words doesn't necessarily mean much. Anyone can say the three words. It doesn't mean that the other person should fall head over heels for you. You need to explain why you feel that way. Go over what is attractive about the other person and why you feel obliged to tell them that. Go in-depth, discuss all the deep details. Really convince them that you love them before you say the words. If you're looking to say the words and have them stick in the other person's mind, this is how you do it.

Written by Sonia Butler
1 year ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Say I Love You?

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