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Talking to your partner or friend is one way to reduce anxiety but then again, they are not always around. Therefore, you only have yourself. One way to reduce anxiety is to shout and scream at top of your lungs. We teach children to not shout and hence, our inner voice dies inside. But as a teenager or an adult, you have the freedom to do anything. Letting out your emotions in a healthy yet controlled environment helps you combat anxiety. However, shouting is not the only way. You can pound your chest (gently), stomp your feet, or even punch your pillow. 

Be casual

The best way to greet anyone, not just girls, over text is to be casual. Don't put out too much too fast or you risk scaring the girl away by coming off as needy, creepy, or at worst, scary. A simple "Hi! How are you doing" or "What's up?" will suffice. It may also help to have something to say, like a question or a joke you two share, so that the conversation doesn't fizzle out before it even has a chance to begin. Be casual and fun, but give the girl you're talking to something to work with so she doesn't have to carry the conversation for you.


The sweet food items can turn into glucose in the horse’s body and deposit fat layers. To provide a balanced diet to the horse, give more sugar and starch-based concentrates to the horse. Many horse owners feed their horses sugar cubes as a treat. A sugar cube is around 4 grams in weight and fed to horses once or twice a day to cheer them up and simultaneously gain weight.

Create a playlist

Music uplifts your mood, which is why it is considered one of the best post-parting essentials. Whether you find yourself overeating or crying your heart out in front of the mirror, let the music heal you. Add whatever song you like to the playlist. However, listening to sad music can help you overcome the breakup faster. If the moody songs do not comfort and soothe you, listen to energizing jams that make you feel better about your existence. Create a playlist

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