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From Hixton to Nadeau

While driving from Hixton to Nadeau a way would be to stop by Fittante Taxidermy for some hit and run shopping.

Fittante Taxidermy
N4598 US 45;WI 47, Town of Antigo, WI 54409
MI 49863
The best route to Nadeau from Hixton

The best trip to Judith Gap from Stanley

If going from Stanley to Judith Gap this is a nice way: stop by Jordan Community Pool. It's good!

Jordan Community Pool
1 Dawson Avenue, Jordan, MT 59337
Judith Gap
MT 59453
The best route to Judith Gap from Stanley

My fav stops from Lisbon to Usquepaug

When driving to Usquepaug from Lisbon I suggest you look in on Philip Weihn Memorial Swimming Pool!

NH 03585
Tesla Supercharger
Sack Boulevard, Leominster, MA 01453-3312
Philip Weihn Memorial Swimming Pool
West Boylston Street, Clinton, MA 01510
RI 02892
The best route to Usquepaug from Lisbon

Don't Say it Frequently

"I love you" has a sacred feeling attached to it. These three words mean a lot more than people realize. It doesn't just mean that you like the other person. It means that you're passionate about them and want to keep them in your life. However, no matter how sacred the word is, it can be completely wasted due to being thrown in the conversation way more than necessary. It loses the sentiment attached to it and becomes a cliche. If you want the words to mean anything, save them for special occasions.

Let me suggest this!

When driving from Gurley to Pickensville this is my suggestion.

Hartselle Aquatic Center
406 Nance Ford Road Southwest, Hartselle, AL 35640
Jasper Mall
300 The Mall Way, Jasper, AL 35501
The best route to Pickensville from Gurley

These were my stops going to Sallisaw

Ok!, Going from Senatobia to Sallisaw make sure to first of all stop at Pool for a quick swim in in the pool! Then stop by VolleyBall Area for training.

MS 38668
I-30 Frontage Road, Little Rock, AR 72209
VolleyBall Area
Beach Road, Russellville, AR
OK 74955
The best route to Sallisaw from Senatobia

From Lake Ridge to Starkey with some some swimming added

Ok!, Driving from Lake Ridge to Starkey make sure to first stop by Quuality Inn of Gettysburg Battlesfield. I liked it! Finally look in on Loyalsock Pool for a bath in in the pool.

Lake Ridge
VA 22192
Quuality Inn of Gettysburg Battlesfield
Steinwehr Avenue, Gettysburg, PA 17325
Loyalsock Pool
Northway Road, North Eldred, PA 17728
NY 14857
The best route to Starkey from Lake Ridge

From Delight to Amber

If going from Delight to Amber I suggest you first look in on De Queen City Pool for a swim in in the pool. Then visit Spaceship Earth Coffee for a little something to eat!

AR 71940
De Queen City Pool
North Lakeside Drive, De Queen, AR 71832
Spaceship Earth Coffee
345 East Choctaw Avenue, McAlester, OK 74501
OK 73004
The best route to Amber from Delight

Always Make Sure that You’ll Get Back In

It is easy to sneak out of the house without getting caught but it can be very difficult to get inside without getting caught. Even if you take the house keys with you or leave a window open, what if someone bolts the door or window from the inside. Make sure that you have a back-up plan for getting in the house.

From Anderson to Elon with a stop for some swimming

When driving from Anderson to Elon I suggest you first visit Fernwood Pool for a bath in in the pool! Then hit Charlotte Motor Speedway. I liked it.


Fernwood Pool
Sydnor Road, Spartanburg, SC 29333
Charlotte Motor Speedway
Pit Lane, Concord, NC 28075
The best route to Elon from Anderson

A nice way to Deming from Seligman

Driving to Deming from Seligman make sure to first stop by Super 8 Payson for a night! After that visit Morenci Community Center for some exercising.

AZ 86337
Super 8 Payson
AZ 260, Payson, AZ 85541
Morenci Community Center
Oleander Street, Morenci, AZ
The best route to Deming from Seligman

From Garland to Patterson

Driving from Garland to Patterson a way would be to hit Sonic to grab a bite!

East Northside Drive, Clinton, MS 39056
LA 70392
The best route to Patterson from Garland

A nice trip from Lyons to Mossyrock

While driving from Lyons to Mossyrock first stop by McLoughlin House for a great experience. Finally hit Domino's to have some snacks and something to drink!

McLoughlin House
713 Center Street, Oregon City, OR 97045
11 Northwest 12th Avenue, Battle Ground, WA 98604
WA 98564
The best route to Mossyrock from Lyons

From Middleburg to Cave Spring

If driving to Cave Spring from Middleburg first hit Baskin-Robbins for a cone of ice cream! Next hit Cedarhill Farm for a nice experience. Next pay a visit to Chicora Coffee for a bite! Finally stop by Gymnasium to get the pulse up!!

NC 27556
Battleground Avenue, Greensboro, NC 27410
Cedarhill Farm
2620 Waxhaw Marvin Road, Marvin, NC 28173
Chicora Coffee
117 North Poinsett Highway, Travelers Rest, SC 29613
Edna Holcomb Dr, Cleveland, GA 30528
Cave Spring
GA 30124
The best route to Cave Spring from Middleburg


Proofreading emails is necessary to fix typos, spelling mistakes, and grammar errors. You might also forget to attach a file that you had to. Proofreading your email will show you how the receiver will see it. Double-checking everything allows you to ensure that the email is proper and ready to send. When emailing a critical stakeholder, it is wise to let the supervisor or a colleague re-read your business email.


My fav stops going to Stamford

When going from Meadville to Stamford a way would be to make a stop at Dana's Diner for something handy to eat!

Dana's Diner
Cowanesque Street, Lawrenceville, PA 16929
The best route to Stamford from Meadville

The way to Belpre

While going to Belpre from Seybertown I suggest you hit Walmart Supercenter for picking up a few things!

PA 16028
Walmart Supercenter
450 Stewart Lane, The Highlands, WV 26059
OH 45714
The best route to Belpre from Seybertown

The way to Bodfish

If driving to Bodfish from Highland this is a nice way: first pay a visit to Harvard Westlake Copses Family Pool for a nice experience. Lastly visit Lollies Donuts for a nice meal!

Harvard Westlake Copses Family Pool
Harvard-Westlake Driveway, Los Angeles, CA 90210-1333
Lollies Donuts
California City Boulevard, California City, CA 93505
CA 93205
The best route to Bodfish from Highland

The way to Greendale

When driving to Greendale from Norwood this is a nice way: hit Fayette Mall for great shopping!

GE WattStation
Hardin Street, Boone, NC 28607-7815
Fayette Mall
Mall Road, Lexington, KY 40503-4416
The best route to Greendale from Norwood

Avoid carbonated beverages

Many people believe that drinking carbonated drinks like ginger ale or cola helps with stomach problems, but the opposite is true. Carbonated beverages may cause bloating and worsen your acid reflux, which causes you to throw up. So, avoid such drinks when you are nauseous. 

Assign tasks

Dogs are naturally motivated to complete tasks like herding and hunting. When they’re unable to work on these tasks, they may start to get restless.

Keep your dog busy with a frisbee, or have him tag along for long walks, hikes, or swims. If you have a retriever, they’ll absolutely love a wholesome session of fetch with you.

Assign tasks

Flip the switch

To bring about a positive change in your mindset, you must identify your negative thoughts. The next step is to find a way to stop the thoughts that are holding you back to bring the change. The best technique I know, since my childhood, is the ‘flip the switch’ method. It is a cycle to gradually go from negative to positive.

For years, I have stood in front of the mirror and pointed out my flaws. Now I stand there and identify good features about my body and face. There were times when I had to force myself to say, ‘Yes, you look good’. I took some time to realize that your mindset works on your thoughts. The happier your thoughts are, the better your mindset is.Flip the switch

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