Best Ways to Ask for a raise


Communicate your value to the team

Talking about money and demanding what you deserve may be outside of your comfort zone. But you will have to do it anyway. Maybe several times in your professional life. Research the general salary for your position, jot down the points you want to make, focus on your achievements and what you bring to the table, remind the HR manager about the values you added to the company. And before you sit down for the discussion, rehearse your points a few times. 

Written by Erica Mullins
2 years ago

Wait for the right time

Give it some time before you walk into your manager’s office to ask for a raise. You should have worked in a company for at least six months. This will give you a significant time to display your talent and show them what you’re worth. Share your goals and track record with your manager and ask for feedback. Implement the feedback when it’s time to make your offer. 

Written by Alicia Boyd
2 weeks ago

Take on more responsibilities to become valuable

If you feel that you deserve a promotion, you should take on more responsibilities in your current position. Also, proactively communicate your achievements and wins. This is the best way to fast-track your raise. Spend some time to understand the core strategies of the company you’re working for and why they take the steps that they do. This will help you best understand when it’s an appropriate time to ask for a raise. 

Written by Jacquelyn Lee
5 months ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Ask for a Raise?

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