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Don't Go For Junk Bulk

Junk bulk, or more commonly called dirty bulking, is a way to consume a lot of junk food to quickly put on some weight. This is really unhealthy for you. Moreover, this weight is going to be much harder to cut as compared to the regular weight that you put on.

Linked In

The best platform for interacting with people professionally is Linked In. When you are prospecting for insurance clients, you need a hook or content to grab their attention. Write about what you do and what are do’s and don’ts of insurance. The prospects will perceive you as someone who can help them and reach out to you. This way you might close a million-dollar insurance deal if a High-Net worth individual reads what you post and buys insurance. 

Maintain self-control

I reduce the rate of seizures by controlling my brain activity. I can detect symptoms before the seizure. Therefore, I stop it but it is not the case every time. I experience all the symptoms 20 minutes before the seizure. I usually see strange lights, unusual smells, and sometimes even a blurry vision. Other symptoms include fatigue, depression, headache, and anxiety.

There are several methods to control my seizures such as walking, meditating, and sniffing a strong odor. Meditating and sniffing a strong odor works for me. 

Max out all of your retirement accounts

Regardless of when you need to retire, I suggest you start saving frequently and as early as possible. 401 (k) and IRA (Individual Retirement Accounts) are a great way to save early and more frequently.

While you are working, you can max out all of your retirement accounts. An IRA account allows you to contribute to your retirement savings. All the earnings grow tax-free. Moreover, you also get a tax deduction during the tax year.

As of 2021, an individual can save up to $6000 to a Roth or traditional IRA account.Max out all of your retirement accounts

A warm compress

A warm compress helps open the nasal passages from the outside. For making a warm compress, dip a towel in warm water. Squeeze out the water from the towel, and fold it so it can be properly placed over your forehead. The warmth from a warm compress can ease your pain, and reduce the inflammation in your nostrils, thereby unclogging your clogged nose.

Use flashcards

Once you know your spelling words a little bit better, you can keep practicing them on your own by using flashcards. This time, break down each word and spell it out each time it comes up on your stack. With more practice, you will be able to spell each word without thinking about it. You can also ask a friend to use the flashcards to test you on them. This way, you can test which words you know by heart and which ones you only recognize by looking at them.

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