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Lay on your stomach with a pillow under the abdomen

Yes, sleeping on your stomach is bad for back pain – but there’s more to it. Sleeping on your stomach adds stress to your neck, which is not good if you have back pain.

However, if you can only go to sleep while resting on your stomach, don’t push yourself to try other positions. Here’s what you can do instead:

- Try relieving some of the pressure from your neck by placing a pillow under your lower abdomen and pelvis.

- Once you have done this, see how you feel. Only if you feel comfortable, place a pillow under your head.

Do it Fast

If you want to dump your boyfriend, do it fast. The longer you will take to think about it, and discuss it, the longer it will take you to do it. Once you have made up your mind to part your ways, don’t prolong the inevitable.

Don’t stick around him or think about him. If you are sure about dumping him, change your feelings for him, and shift your thoughts and energy towards positive things in life. 

Prepare to Change

To stop drug addiction, your body and mind will have to go through a change. And the process is not going to be easy. Preparing yourself for the change requires you to understand that it is what you really want and you’re letting go of the addiction for good.

To recover you may have to leave the friends that are also drug addicts, take a break from your social life, and do the things you have never done before or don’t want to do such as group therapy. Mentally preparing to let go of drugs, the addiction and everything associated with it is a tough decision, and mentally preparing yourself to face what comes next.

Prepare to Change

Use your bed for sleep and intimacy

Create a clear association between sleep and bed. If you are having trouble sleeping, avoid reading on the bed. Read on your couch or dining table, but keep your bed only for sleeping. Similarly, don't watch TV in bed, use a laptop, or phone while you are in bed. Keep bed only for sleep. This way whenever you sleep in a bed, your mind will only think of sleeping.

Use your bed for sleep and intimacy

Use online tools

A simple Google search will give you plenty of PDF compression tools, or you could just use this one.

It’s pretty straightforward. You upload your file, and the tool begins compressing it. When it’s done, you’ll see a download button. Download it, and you’re done.

In the oven

The microwave is fast, and it's easy, but it cooks quite unevenly. There will likely be spots that are still cold and some that are hotter than the surface of the sun. An easy, reliable, though a bit slower, way is to reheat it in the oven.

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and put your mac and cheese into an oven-safe vessel, such as a casserole dish. Butter the sides to prevent sticking and bonus flavor. You can even add a breadcrumb topping if you'd like: toast up breadcrumbs with salt, and herbs, mix with cheese, and sprinkle over the top if you'd like to go extra gourmet. If plain is fine, then just stick the macaroni into the oven and bake for around 15 minutes to reheat. Your mac and cheese will be as good as new and not separated and greasy like it would be if you had used the microwave.

In the oven

Follow the sipping protocol

If you enjoy sipping tequila the right way, then here are some tips on how to drink tequila.

-       Pour one ounce of tequila into a tequila glass.

-       Hold the glass at the stem and raise the glass to eye level and look at the color of tequila.

-       Swirl tequila gently and see how it clings on the walls of the glass.

-       Take a small sip and swish the tequila around in your mouth for 10 seconds.

-       Swallow and repeat!

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