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Wearing Expensive Stuff

You may not get mugged when wearing expensive jewelry, watches, or money while being on street but you can become easy to notice and get followed. Robberies are always planned. The burglars tend to rob the house of people who have more expensive items at home. Try to hide all such things when you go out. If you have expensive jewelry or other items at home that are not well-protected, buy a safe or get a locker at a bank.

Have Space for Things That Don't Belong Anywhere Else

We often have things at our house that we don’t have space for. Your room could be cluttered because you don’t know where to keep such things. We usually have no spot for hiding our laptop and other small items such as extra cables, cello tape, electrical extensions, and staplers. These are the homeless items in our rooms, probably lying around after one use. Dedicate a draw in your dresser or a box in the closet for such items.

Have Space for Things That Don't Belong Anywhere Else

Puppy pads

Using a puppy pad can be really helpful for pups with owners who spend most of their day at work. It can also work for dogs who live in places with extreme outdoor climates. It gives them a place where they know they can go to the bathroom if they need to. You can also make the transition from the puppy pads to outdoors if you choose to later on.

Wear Lighter Shoes

The footwear companies that design shoes for athletes are making the shoes as lightweight as possible because it is easier to run in light-weight shoes. Light-weight shoes make it easier to lift the foot and use less energy when you run faster. They make your movement swift and trouble-free. To run faster, you should also switch to lighter shoes.

Wear Lighter Shoes

See a comedy show

New York is known as one of, if not the, biggest hubs for stand-up comedy in the world. There is no shortage of clubs or venues, so even if you don't get a ticket in time, there are still plenty more where you can drop in and see a show for cheap. It's a gamble, but you never know who you'll see. A big star may drop in to try new material, or you could see the next biggest star before they even get famous.

Use a napkin ring

Sometimes, simplest is best. And sometimes, you don't want to spend hours trying to figure out how to fold a napkin into a swan shape but you still want to make sure your place settings are presentable.

Napkin rings are a great way to set down your napkins without worrying too much about folding them properly. They often look even better than any folds you could've done yourself. You can simply fold your napkins like an accordion, roll them up, or fold them in half lengthwise and push them through the rings.

Use a napkin ring

Use charcoal

The natural toxin absorber used in water filters can also filter the air. Using charcoal to remove the stink from your car is pretty simple. All you need to do is leave an open bag filled with charcoal briquettes in the car for 12 hours. The extremely porous activated charcoal absorbs almost anything that’s floating in the air. This also costs nothing because the charcoal doesn’t get used up in the process. 

Be authentic

When you're writing lyrics, you never want to pretend to be someone you're not. People will be able to tell that the song doesn't come from an authentic place. The things that you are writing a song about should come from your own life experiences. It should be something that you feel strongly about. When you connect to the material that you are creating, other people will take notice and connect to it as well. It's important to be as authentic as possible in your work.

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