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Soundproof Walls

When soundproofing the room, you need to consider where the noise is coming from. If it’s coming from the room next to you because your sibling is beating drums, you need to soundproof the wall. Move some furniture in front of this wall to absorb the noise. Use peaceful paneling to cover the wall which is causing the problem. The panels are easy to install and can don’t need a professional. They also change the overall feel of your room because they come in various colors such as grey, shocking pink, and yellow.

Guide Others

Let’s say you are at the grocery store and someone is confused about getting something or need to know, where the exit is. If there is no one around to help them, guide them. It takes a minute to guide someone but they will be so glad they found help.

Go up to people you feel may need your help. If you see someone carrying a lot of stuff, or heavy things, politely offer to help. Insist a bit if they are hesitant, sometimes people are courteous and they don’t like to trouble others. If they don’t need it, gracefully step aside.

Observe the people around you, there is always someone around who can benefit from your help.

Ditch cardio for HIIT

It is common for people to spend a good chunk of their time on steady-state cardio. This is great if you’re working to achieve a calorie deficit. However, it will burn muscle tissue more than your body fat. Instead, try switching to High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). HIIT uses fat as fuel while preserving your muscle mass – that’s a powerful combination.

Wish for their Health

In the times we're living in today, there's no guarantee whether the person on the receiving end of the email is healthy. There's a chance that someone very close to them might be suffering from COVID-19. Start the email with a small wish for the health of the receiver and for their friends and family. A genuine sign of concern can go a long way to strengthen the relationship between you and the recipient on the email.

Propose on Rooftop

If you have a rooftop where you can have lunch or dinner, utilize the rooftop. There is always something special when you look at the sky and the nighttime view. Set a dinner table and get lamps, lights, or candles to light up space. Play music to set the romantic atmosphere. 

Reevaluate your life

Soul searching is not just about finding yourself, but it also includes evaluating how you relate to the world. Figure out how you are supporting or diminishing your values. Are your relationships helping you to grow as the person you want to be? Is your career fulfilling you? Do you dedicate your time to your pleasure, hobbies, or passions? Answer all these questions about your life and then outline a plan to realign your life.

Reevaluate your life

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