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Honeymoon hugs

If you’re in that phase where you just can’t seem to get enough of each other and want to be wrapped around each other for the entire 24 hours, honeymoon hugs are the best way to squeeze your loved one with cuddles. For the honeymoon hug, face your partner and entangle your limbs. Sense the comfort, and realize how wild you both are for each other. For me, this is the best way to cuddle.

Breathing Exercise

Breathing exercises help calm you and ease stress. Mental and emotional stress cannot be avoided completely in today’s world. When you feel that you are anxious or stressed, take a moment to forget everything and just breathe. Breathing is a great way to get rid of anxiety because it rids your mind of the thoughts and connects you to your present. Take a deep breath and then let it out. You will feel much better than before.

Breathing Exercise

Start Living On a Budget

Paying off debt is a stressful thing and it stays with you until you don’t start making smarter financial decisions. The key point is to spend less than what you are earning. Make a budget and try your best to not over spend more than that. It can be difficult for the first few months. Keep some of you earnings aside to pay off the interest. Make an affective budget on a good budgeting app.

Compliment the Small Things

Women like it when men notice the small things that women care about. It could be her hairstyle, her makeup, or a new accessory. Look for something important in her pictures. When she’s wearing or doing something that catches your eye, compliment it. For example: ‘I like how you matched your nail polish to your shoes’ or ‘Your house is so organized’. 

Compliment the Small Things

From frozen

Peas are a delicious and healthy addition to any meal. The great thing about them is that they require hardly any cooking time, and are easily accessible via the freezer section.

This may seem like a cheater's method, and not very healthy at all, but peas actually lose nutrition rapidly once they are picked. Peas from a bag are flash-frozen as soon as they are picked, and thus retain most of their nutrients and are actually better for you than fresh.

To cook frozen peas, simply place your desired amount into a saucepan filled with boiling water set over medium heat. Cook until just warmed, and not a second more. They should be bright green and still quite plump. Peas overcook very quickly and can easily turn into a mushy mess. Then drain and serve immediately with salt, and butter if desired.

From frozen

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