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Body Language

Body language is definitely a big part of flirting, but there is a fine line between being physically awkward and being flirting. When you start calling, keep it brief; For example, if you are laughing at a joke or joke and then touch your shoulder, this is an effective flirtation method. The other person will definitely notice the connection, but it will be hidden within the conversation and look more natural.

The way to Oakfield

If going from Hampton to Oakfield a way would be to hit Biddeford Little League- Hill St field to get that body going (much needed when sitting in a car for the whole day)!

Nicer than just going straight.

CT 06247
Tesla Supercharger
Kennebunk Service Plaza, Kennebunk, ME 04094
Biddeford Little League- Hill St field
Hill Street, Biddeford, ME 04005
ME 04763
The best route to Oakfield from Hampton

A nicer way to Rosemount from Mishicot

Last time I went from Mishicot to Rosemount this was the route I picked.

Ruby Coffee Roasters
9515 Water Street, Nelsonville, WI 54407
Trading Post
264 West Grand Avenue, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54495
MN 55068
The best route to Rosemount from Mishicot

A nice route from Yorktown to Weston

If driving to Weston from Yorktown this is a good way: first stop at Orangetheory Fitness. It's a nice stop. Lastly visit Athens Public Pool, it is good!

Orangetheory Fitness
2484 North Fairfield Road, Beavercreek, OH 45431
Athens Public Pool
East State Street, Athens, OH 45701
WV 26452
The best route to Weston from Yorktown

A nice route from Villa Rica to Algood

If going to Algood from Villa Rica I suggest first of all stop at Northside Swim Center. I liked it! Then pay a visit to Hamilton Memorial Gardens, it is worth it.

Villa Rica
Northside Swim Center
Stonewall Street, Rome, GA 30161
Hamilton Memorial Gardens
Clearpoint Drive, Chattanooga, TN 37343
TN 38506
The best route to Algood from Villa Rica

A nice way to Rochester from Metuchen

Going from Metuchen to Rochester this is a nice way: look in on Clear-Centre Swimming Pool for some swimming.

NJ 08840
Clear-Centre Swimming Pool
Stone Street, Osceola Mills, PA 16666
The best route to Rochester from Metuchen

From Freeport to Fordsville with a stop for some shopping

While driving to Fordsville from Freeport I suggest you first stop by Owen's Supermarket for shopping. Lastly visit Corner 7 Spectator Mound. I liked it a lot!

Owen's Supermarket
Fort Wayne Street, Warsaw, IN 46580
Corner 7 Spectator Mound
IMS Grand Prix Circuit, Speedway, IN 46224
The best route to Fordsville from Freeport

These were my stops going to Woodland

When driving from Plainfield to Woodland this is a good way.

Jim& Shirley Wentworth Gymnasium
North Bradford Street, Dover, DE 19901
Front Porch CoffeeHouse
139 South Main Street, Kilmarnock, VA 22482
NC 27897
The best route to Woodland from Plainfield

From Moundsville to Massapequa Park

When driving to Massapequa Park from Moundsville I suggest first stop at Holiday Inn Express for a pause! Then pay a visit to Planet Fitness to get the pulse up!.

WV 26041
Holiday Inn Express
North Breezewood Road, East Providence Township, PA 15533
Planet Fitness
Fairgrounds Square Drive, Muhlenberg Township, PA 19605
Massapequa Park
NY 11758
The best route to Massapequa Park from Moundsville

Going to Klickitat with some something to eat added

When going from Peshastin to Klickitat I suggest first of all stop at McKean's Drive In for a some tasty food! Finally stop at Iron Horse Inn for a small treat.

WA 98847
McKean's Drive In
North Short Avenue, Cle Elum, WA 98922
Iron Horse Inn
Marie Road, South Cle Elum, WA 98943
The best route to Klickitat from Peshastin

These were my stops from Guy to North Richland Hills

When driving from Guy to North Richland Hills this is a nice way.

AR 72061
Griffon Gaming
West Jackson Street, Hugo, OK 74743
Lover's Leap
Ouachita Trail, Rich Mountain, AR
Lazy River
I-30 Frontage Road, Greenville, TX 75402
North Richland Hills
The best route to North Richland Hills from Guy

These were my stops going to Brecknock Township

Driving to Brecknock Township from Jane Lew make sure to hit Sideling Hill Viewpoint. I liked it!

Jane Lew
Sideling Hill Viewpoint
National Freeway, Harvey, MD
Brecknock Township
Brecknock Township, PA 19570
The best route to Brecknock Township from Jane Lew

These were my stops going to Yorkville

When going to Yorkville from Garner I suggest first of all stop by Natural State Gymnastics. Finally visit A Taste of Heavean for a lunch or dinner!

AR 72143
Natural State Gymnastics
1847 Grant Avenue, Jonesboro, AR 72401
A Taste of Heavean
West Keiser Avenue, Osceola, AR 72370
The best route to Yorkville from Garner

A nice route to Calhoun City

If going to Calhoun City from Berea I suggest you first make a stop at Split Bean Roasting Co. to fill up some energy! Next hit Hurricane Inn for a pause.

Split Bean Roasting Co.
110 East Main Street, Lebanon, TN 37087
Hurricane Inn
550 United States Route 64, Waynesboro, TN 38485
Calhoun City
The best route to Calhoun City from Berea

To Hillsboro Beach with some food added

Driving from Port St. Joe to Hillsboro Beach make sure to first hit Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Holiday Tarpon Springs for a pause! After that look in on Subway for a something to eat. Next stop at A+ Fitness. It's great!

Port St. Joe
Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Holiday Tarpon Springs
US 19, Holiday, FL 34691-3857
Tampa Road, Oldsmar, FL 34677
A+ Fitness
437 South Pine Street, Sebring, FL 33870
Hillsboro Beach
The best route to Hillsboro Beach from Port St. Joe

Ask her to Leave

Offer her help and get a therapist’s appointment. When you realize that your daughter has a personality disorder, you should reach out for help as soon as possible. If she is not willing to see the therapist and you are always feeling emotionally manipulated and invaded, do something about it. People often start to feel that something is wrong with their children when enough damage has been done

If she is manipulating you and it’s getting unbearable, consider your options for distancing. If she is an adult ask her to leave.

Ask her to Leave

The best way from Reydon to Coalgate

Ok!, Driving to Coalgate from Reydon make sure to first look in on Childrens Waterpark, it is good! Finally stop at Wacker Park Gymnasium for great training.

OK 73660
Childrens Waterpark
West Montana Avenue, Chickasha, OK 73018
Wacker Park Gymnasium
Chickasaw Street, Pauls Valley, OK
OK 74538
The best route to Coalgate from Reydon

The way to Worthington

While going to Worthington from Astoria this is my preferred way: first visit Peck's Point. It's good. Finally hit Peck's Point for a great experience!

Peck's Point
Kickapoo Park Road, Belgium Row, IL 61858
Peck's Point
Kickapoo Park Road, Belgium Row, IL 61858
The best route to Worthington from Astoria

The best trip from Colchester to Birch Run

While driving from Colchester to Birch Run a way would be to first visit Starbucks for some sodas. Next make a stop at Walmart Supercenter for some hit and run shopping! Then stop at Skyway Doghouse to fill up some energy. Next visit South Trailhead. It's great!

707 West Pioneer Parkway, Peoria, IL 61615
Walmart Supercenter
333 Erin Lane, Morris, IL 60450
Skyway Doghouse
9480 South Ewing Avenue, Hyde Park Township, IL 60617
Bethel Baptist Church
06701 Blue Star Highway, South Haven, MI 49090
South Trailhead
Coldwater Trail, Bowne Township, MI 49325
Birch Run
The best route to Birch Run from Colchester

From Kerrville to Garrison with a stop for some horse riding

When going from Kerrville to Garrison first pay a visit to (28) Pony Rides. It's a nice stop. After that visit Heartworks Gifts for some hit and run shopping!

Go for it.

(28) Pony Rides
Dry Creek Trail, Elm Mott, TX
Heartworks Gifts
University Drive East, College Station, TX 77802
The best route to Garrison from Kerrville

The best route from Elmwood to Starkville

Driving from Elmwood to Starkville make sure to first of all visit Pearl Pool for a bath in in the pool! Finally stop by The Club for some sweating.

Pearl Pool
3500 Dawn Drive, Pearl, MS 39208
The Club
Woodgate Drive South, Brandon, MS 39042
The best route to Starkville from Elmwood

From Ney to Town of Phelps with some a coffee-break added

When driving from Ney to Town of Phelps a way would be to first of all look in on Biggby Coffee to fill up some energy. Next stop at Ludington Crossfit for great training! Finally visit Pine Tree Mall for shopping.

Biggby Coffee
M-89, Otsego, MI 49078
Ludington Crossfit
West Foster Street, Ludington, MI 49431
Pine Tree Mall
2800 Roosevelt Road, Marinette, WI 54143
Town of Phelps
WI 54554
The best route to Town of Phelps from Ney

I suggest this!

While going to Arlington from Plano I suggest you first stop at Walmart Supercenter for getting yourself some small treats :-)! Then hit The Willow Gallery of Fine Gifts & Home Decor for some shopping.

Walmart Supercenter
2008 South Indian Meridian Road, Pauls Valley, OK 73075
The Willow Gallery of Fine Gifts & Home Decor
210 West Harrison Avenue, Guthrie, OK 73044
The best route to Arlington from Plano

A nice way to Bishopville from Walkersville

While going from Walkersville to Bishopville first stop at La Finca for a quick bite. After that make a stop at Mountain Road Historic District, it is good! Finally visit Jumping Off Rock, it is great!

MD 21793
La Finca
James Madison Highway, Orange, VA 22942
Mountain Road Historic District
Halifax, VA 24558
Jumping Off Rock
Immer, NC
The best route to Bishopville from Walkersville

A nice route to Portland

When going from Vernon to Portland this is a nice way.

IN 47282
Main 4H Equestrian Show Ring
Pennsylvania Avenue, Delaware, OH 43015
NY 14769
The best route to Portland from Vernon

Avoid Smoking

Smoking can be very dangerous for your health. It weakens your immune system and makes you more vulnerable to infections and illnesses. To stay healthy and avoid getting sick, avoid smoking, and don’t expose yourself to secondhand smoke. Find healthy alternatives if you cannot stop smoking and let go of the addiction gradually.

To Willet with a stop for some shopping

While driving from Sharon to Willet first visit Holyoke Shopping Center for great shopping! After that visit South Side Mall for getting yourself some small treats :-).

MA 02067
Holyoke Shopping Center
2201;2203;2211;2213;2215 Northampton Street, Holyoke, MA 01040
South Side Mall
Southside Mall, Town of Oneonta, NY 13820
NY 13863
The best route to Willet from Sharon

Focus on the details

Espresso is really only two ingredients, coffee and water, so even the smallest details can make a huge difference in the finished product. While the perfect espresso varies a great deal depending on your personal tastes, there are small changes you can make to take your espresso to the next level:


Try not to use water that is too alkaline, as it can negatively affect the taste of the coffee. Whenever possible, use filtered water for the cleanest and best taste. Also ensure that your water is not too hot, water that reaches boiling can scald your coffee and make it bitter.


Coffee beans are different from espresso beans, as espresso beans are usually roasted for longer and have a darker, deeper, richer flavor. There are also varying degrees of darkness in espresso beans: a bean that is shiny and slightly oily on the surface is likely a French or Italian style roast and is one of the darkest you can get. A slightly lighter, drier bean is known as a city roast and has a less rich, but more complex flavor. There is no better bean, it is up to your own personal preference.

The most important factor in making a perfect cup of espresso is knowing what you like and what you don't. Your perfect espresso may not be everyone else's perfect espresso, so go out and try as many as you can to see what works for you.

A nicer trip from Brock to Peotone

When going to Peotone from Brock look in on Peoria Heights Observation Tower for a leg stretcher.

NE 68320
Peoria Heights Observation Tower
East Kingman Avenue, Peoria Heights, IL 61616
The best route to Peotone from Brock

These were my stops going to Texas City

Going to Texas City from Oil City I suggest you hit Starbucks to have some snacks and something to drink.

Oil City
LA 71061
2210 South 1st Street, Lufkin, TX 75901
Texas City
The best route to Texas City from Oil City

A nicer way to Flatwoods from Plain Grove Township

If driving from Plain Grove Township to Flatwoods first of all pay a visit to City Pool. It's great. Secondly stop at Horseman's Camp. It's great! After that stop by Quincy Hill overlook for a great experience.

Plain Grove Township
City Pool
West Main Street, Bridgeport, WV 26330
Horseman's Camp
Horse Trail - Orange, Calcutta, OH 44455
Quincy Hill overlook
Quincy Hill stairs, Parkersburg, WV 26102
The best route to Flatwoods from Plain Grove Township

Chill Until Solid

If you prefer to throw it away, you must first freeze or cool the oil to make it hard. Pour the disposable oil into an old can and place it in the freezer or refrigerator. Once the oil is solid enough to pop out of the can in one piece, you are ready to throw it away.

If you don't have more than a cup of oil or fat, pour it into a cup of coffee and put it in the fridge. When it hardens, remove it and dispose of it with a spoon. Then wipe the cup with a paper towel or used tissue before washing it.

Keep the Doors and Windows Shut

Keeping the doors and windows shut may not be the best way to protect your house but it is better than leaving your house open. Use long sticks on the inside of the windows to avoid burglars from breaking in by sliding them. Never leave the windows which are easily accessible by outside open when you leave the room or go to sleep.


There are countless benefits of inculcating meditation as a daily habit, including a sharper memory. Meditation has been found to increase grey matter (composed of neuron cell bodies) in the brain. Grey matter tends to decline as you age, which translates to poor memory and cognition.


Fortunately, meditation has proven to be an excellent technique for improving short-term memory across all age groups. The hippocampus and frontal brain lobe, sections of the brain responsible for long- and short-term memory storage, light up during meditation.

Why is that important? Well, when you flex your memory muscle during meditation, it results in the multiplication of information storage mechanisms in your brain. This ensures your brain’s ability to add fresh memories and retention of such ability as you age.

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