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Take all meals of the day

Anxiety often causes nausea and loss of appetite. However, skipping meals can take a toll on your physical health and increase anxiety. Low blood sugar releases cortisol, a hormone that helps you perform better, however, your anxiety could get worse under pressure. Incorporate a healthy diet with healthy fats, sugar, lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables. If you are busy, eat 3 meals a day. if you have time on your hands, take 5 to 6 small meals throughout the day. 

Eat Healthy

When you have COVID, it is vital to eat healthy foods and cook at home if possible. If you can get out of bed and do some chores around the house such as cleaning and cooking, don’t limit yourself to your bed and eat junk food.

Eat a moderate diet and avoid too much salt and sugar. Cook simple and healthy recipes and avoid processed food. Instead of drinking sodas or fresh fruit juice that is high in sugar, eat raw fruits. According to WHO, your daily intake of sodium should not be more than 1 teaspoon.


A gentle massage that relaxes the body can help improve the mood. When the mood changes and you feel contented, the body releases the mood-related neurotransmitters in the bloodstream including serotonin. When you are relaxed and destressing, your system inhibits the production of cortisol (stress hormone) and increases the release of dopamine and serotonin that control the feelings and happiness, as well as sleep, digestion, and appetite. 


Don't Restrict Them

The first time your puppies meet, they will want to discover each other. They'll sniff the other dog, maybe even lick them. This is basic dog behavior as they start to get to know each other. Don't restrict them. If the dogs are growling at each other, that's aggressive behavior. But, if there isn't any aggression, let them get in contact and meet each other without any restriction.


Surprises help our bodies produce oxytocin. To raise oxytocin in your body, give someone a gift and see how it changes your mood and their mood. A lot of people feel happy by making others happy, if you are one of those people, give others gifts from time to time. Gifts don’t have to expensive but they do need to be special.


Bake their favorite cookies and wrap them in a box, or make them DIY scrub. Gifts that are made with love are the best. You can buy a friend or family member a pair of cute and warm socks or get them a stylish crocheted cap. 

Do ab exercises

There's no way to shrink only one part of your body, in order to get a flat stomach, you will need to lose weight. But doing ab exercises can tone your stomach and help it to trim off a bit of flab.

Try doing crunches for a start. Many don't do crunches properly, ensure that your back is straight and you're not simply throwing out your spine rather than working your abs. Stay focused on your core and use it to pull your top half upwards without relying on the force from your arms, or weight on your legs.

You can also try doing a plank. Lie on your stomach and prop yourself up by your elbows and toes, keeping your back straight and perfectly in line with your legs. Hold this position for a minute each day. This works not only your abs, but your legs and arms as well.

When doing any exercise, try to be as consistent as possible. Don't push yourself too hard, do the amount of exercise you're comfortable with, then commit to doing it again the next day, then the next.

Create a Crossword Puzzle

Who doesn’t like to solve puzzles? A “Will you marry me? The puzzle is hands down surprising and easy ways to propose to your girlfriend if you want to low-key propose to her. Keep it simple and unique. Leave the puzzle with a pen on the table for her to solve and when she finally figures it out, kneel down to ask her hand in marriage. Set a camera to record her reaction. 

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