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Explore extremes

All instruments have extreme sides, but they are not meant to be used every day. If you want to create drama and tension, ditch the middle ground and explore the extremes. Try something that goes really quietly and really slowly and then moves to the other extreme and explode. Keep tension and release a constant part of the music if you are composing something long.

Chicken Tikka

Chicken Tikka is a popular grilled chicken dish in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Boneless chicken is marinated with chicken tikka masala seasoning for a few hours. The level of spice depends on how much seasoning you use in the marination.

For less spicy chicken tikka use only a tablespoon of tikka masala, and some lime juice to cover 1 pound of chicken. To make it spicier, follow the packet instructions exactly for authentic chicken tikka taste and spiciness. Charbroil or grill chicken to cook. If you don’t have a grill or charbroiler, you can also fry or roast the chicken in a home oven.

Chicken Tikka

Cannabidiol oil

If you’re excited by reading the name, let me clarify, that Cannabidiol oil is a derivative of the marijuana plant and does NOT contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which induces the "high."

CBD oil is available at most alternative healthcare shops without a doctor’s prescription. There has only been some research on CBD’s effects on anxiety, but preliminary data suggests that it could potentially help curb panic and anxiety significantly. 

Cannabidiol oil

Alignment is the key

No matter what position you choose, laying on your back or laying on sides, keeping proper alignment of your spine is the most important part of the equation. Focus on aligning your hips, shoulders, and ears. If you notice gaps between your body and the bed, you should fill those gaps with pillows or a small towel. This is important as these gaps strain your muscles and spine.

Be careful while turning in bed. You can get out of alignment during twisting and turning motions at night or while sleeping. Ensure to always move your body together and keep your core tight. You may find bringing your knees towards your chest helpful when you roll over.

Make ginger tea

I learned about ginger root tea from my parents. My mother would prescribe it for anything from an upset stomach to a bad headache. While I’m sure there are many ways of making ginger tea, my family always took the easiest approach: cut about an inch of ginger root in thin slices and place it in a cup of boiling water. Let the mixture sit for a few minutes before drinking. If you’d like to keep the pieces of ginger out of the water, you can place them in a tea ball.

Spoil the Dog

Some dogs are spoiled dogs are picky eaters and they like to eat what they want to eat. If you adopted the dog, ask the previous owner what the dog likes to eat. Get the dog’s favorite food or make it for your dog. Some dogs like to have a drizzle of olive oil, some tune, or an egg with their food.

If the dog is not happy to eat his meal. Spoil your dog a little to help him gain weight.

Spoil the Dog

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