Best Ways to Protect yourself from covid


Avoid Touching Your Face in Public

When you are in public, you might touch a door or any other surfaces that might be contaminated with Covid. To avoid catching the virus, do not touch your face. If you really have to scratch your nose or adjust the mask, use some sanitizer to clean your hands or wash them. 

Avoid Touching Your Face in Public

Written by Audrey Benson
7 months ago

Do NOT touch your face

SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, can live on several surfaces for as long as 72 hours. Potential surfaces, upon touching which, you can get the virus on your hands could be your phone, doorknobs at a public place, the buttons of an ATM, among others.

This is why it’s good practice to avoid touching your head and face including your eyes, nose, and mouth. Also, refrain from biting away at your fingernails. All of these can enable the coronavirus to enter your body from your hands.

Written by Norman Mcguire
2 months ago

Avoid gatherings

If your friend is throwing a party at her house and there are going to be more than 10 people at the party, don’t go there. It is okay to meet your friends and family in a while but you should not be getting together with a bunch of strangers in a small place. Politely refuse to them if you have to, or if you really have to attend it, practice social distancing as much as you can. 

Written by Alex Bush
1 week ago

Disinfect your House, Car, Keys and Phone

The coronavirus sticks with surfaces therefore it is essential to clean all kinds of surfaces that you touch in a day. Clean the electric switches, doorknobs, stair railings, and tabletops with bleach or any other cleaner that is effective against COVID-19.

The steering wheel, handles, dashboard, and car door can also have germs. It is important to clean them as well. Use a disinfectant spray in your car to clean the inside of your car.

Everyday items that you carry in your hands such as your wallet, keys, and the phone should also be cleaned with an alcohol-based cleaner to stay as gem free as possible. 

Written by Loren Mcbride
4 months ago

Wash your hands frequently

Coronavirus is highly contagious and widespread around the globe, so everything you touch has the potential to be contaminated. Doorknobs, phones, and grocery baskets all can be potential germ-carriers.

The best way to combat this is to wash your hands thoroughly and often. Make sure to use soap and wash for at least twenty seconds, making sure to get your palms, the back of your hands, and in between your fingers. Use whatever water temperature is comfortable for you, as it is the soap that is important for disease prevention. Using cold water, however, can help to prevent dryness of the skin from frequent hand washing.

Written by Kim Jensen
1 month ago

Wear a mask

When going out, especially in crowded spaces and places with poor ventilation, it is important to wear a mask so that airborne particles have a harder time making it into your system.

A sneeze, a cough, or even talking to someone in a close proximity can pose a huge risk if you are not wearing a mask.

Ensure that your mask is fastened snugly, but not tightly, around your mouth and nose. Wear the mask when around any group of people and ensure it covers the entire lower half of your face for it to be most effective.

Written by Kelly Turner
1 year ago

Shower Often

Habit of staying clean can help you stay healthy. Showering and cleaning your body thoroughly with soap means wiping off the bacteria and viruses from the skin. Whenever you come home, take a shower and leave your old clothes untouched for 24 hours in a basket.

Showering once or twice a day can also help avoid breakouts, infections from other viruses such as influenza, and others if you go out in the public often. A hot steaming bath is also good for your skin and is comforting.

Written by Mario Anderson
2 years ago

Wash your hands frequently

Wash your hands with warm water and soap and keep rubbing for a minimum of 20 seconds. Make sure you wash all the crevices in between the fingers and the underneath of your nails. Wash your hands all the way up to the wrists thoroughly. Antibacterial and antiviral soaps are also a good choice.

Wash your hands frequently

If you don’t have a sink to wash your hands or a bar of soap, use a hand sanitizer. Make sure you wash your hands as frequently as you can, particularly after touching anything, like your computer or phone.

Written by Jeremiah Hernandez
1 year ago

Limit contact

The best way to prevent coronavirus is to limit your contact with others.

It is preferable that you have little to no face to face contact with anyone, but that's not entirely realistic. When you absolutely must see others, it is best to keep physical contact to a minimum.

Things like handshakes, high fives, and hugs come as second nature, but it's important to limit physical contact as much as possible. Many people have instead starting opting for bumping elbows. This limits skin to skin contact, especially with your hands, which may carry traces of the virus that can easily be transferred into your system through touching of the mouth, nose, and eyes.

Written by Leonard Garcia
6 months ago

Wash Groceries

Fresh groceries can have the virus if someone who is infected with the virus has touched, sneezed, or coughed on the items. If you want to use the groceries right away, it is advised to clean them. If you are dealing with vegetables and fruits, wash them thoroughly with running water.

Wash Groceries

Written by Gertrude Craig
11 months ago

Follow social distancing guidelines

If you’ve been infected, your sputum will have high amounts of the coronavirus. Regardless of whether you have symptoms, the virus still remains present in your spit.

If your work allows working from home, it’s prudent to do so.

If you absolutely have to go out, make sure you maintain a distance of at least 2m (6 feet) from others. The virus can be transmitted even while speaking to someone else who is standing in close proximity. 

Written by Tyler Rodriquez
1 year ago

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