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Use the major local listing websites

Starting a business is not easy, and one of the biggest challenges that you might face is where and how to advertise. Well, it largely depends on the type of service you provide. If you’re a local brand, then you could begin by using three major local listing services in your area. Fill up a form on Google Places to verify your location. This will help customers locate you easily. 

Cake at 12 O’ clock

Birthdays are incomplete without cakes or at least cupcakes. Customize the cake with a quote, a wish, or go for a fondant cake that looks like something your boyfriend likes. Car, soccer, and PlayStation-themed cakes can be a great option. But not all boyfriends like that and if you think your boyfriend will be happier to receive a chocolate mousse cake or velvet cake on his birthday then don’t buy a fondant cake. If a cake seems like a lot of calories, get a few cupcakes of your choice that you two can finish.

Cake at 12 O’ clock

Defragment your hard disk

If you are using an old mechanical drive, it may suffer from fragmentation and cause your laptop to run slow. Fragmentation is caused by a file’s bits being scattered across the drive platter’s physical surface. When you use these files, the drive head’s work becomes laborious because it has to travel all over the surface to read the files.

Defragmenting helps restructure the disk such that the bits forming the files are grouped in a physically close location on the surface.

You could also switch to SSDs, however, because they don’t use spinning-platter disks and are therefore immune to fragmentation. 

Defragment your hard disk


Abdominal stretches can strengthen your core and build abs. There are numerous exercises for a flat tummy and toned tummy. Crunches can tone abs and get you in shape. But if you want to lose a bulging belly, you need to restrict your diet and adopt a healthier and active lifestyle. A belly pouch can form due to reasons such as poor diet, poor sleep, and no or little exercise. Cut down at least 500 calories a day and switch to an intense workout such as cardio or HIIT to start losing belly fat. To shape your belly and lose weight simultaneously, try exercises that engage your core.


Take control of the shadows

Shadows are important in photography and they can make or break an image. Sometimes a shadow can ruin the image by dominating too much of a picture and other times they can enhance a photo by adding depth and visual interest.

The intensity of the shadows depends on the type of light you are shooting in. An overcast day creates a diffused light which makes the shadows softer while strong directional sunlight will cast hard, dark shadows.

Take control of the shadows

The above photo was taken in bright sunlight. Notice the harsh shadows being cast by the objects in the scene.


Eat your papaya raw or make some papaya juice or puree to prepone your period. Consuming a bowl worth of raw papaya or one serving of papaya juice or puree twice every day can increase the estrogen levels in your body. Estrogen is the hormone that induces periods in your body.


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