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From Elsmere to Warren

Going from Elsmere to Warren I suggest you stop at Walmart Supercenter for some hit and run shopping.

Walmart Supercenter
1640 South Washington Street, Millersburg, OH 44654
The best route to Warren from Elsmere

My stops to Bowman from Salem

When driving from Salem to Bowman this is an alternative.

the Center
West 4th Avenue, Springfield, TN 37172
Burger King
Sparta Street, McMinnville, TN 37110
Mayfield Ice Cream
Morganton Point Lake Trail, Lakewood, GA 30560
GA 30624
The best route to Bowman from Salem

Why not this trip?

Ok!, Going from Burns to Honey Grove make sure to first of all pay a visit to Martin Luther King for a leg stretcher. Next make a stop at South Airport Observation Area. It's good! Finally hit New Life Fitness to break some sweat.

Martin Luther King
Junior Memorial Expressway, Tulsa, OK 74113
South Airport Observation Area
South Airport Way, Jenks, OK 74037
New Life Fitness
221 West Broadway Street, Okemah, OK 74859
Honey Grove
TX 75446
The best route to Honey Grove from Burns

From Whiting to Hardy

When going from Whiting to Hardy I suggest make a stop at The Common Ground Café to fill up some energy!

Adrian Christian Church
Edith Avenue, Adrian, MO 64720
The Common Ground Café
145 W Main Street, Warsaw, MO 65355
AR 72542
The best route to Hardy from Whiting

To Almena from Mokane

If going from Mokane to Almena I suggest first of all stop by Basketball Court for a nice experience! Finally hit Barnes Mercantile for some shopping.

Basketball Court
Independence Avenue, Kansas City, MO 64125
Barnes Mercantile
Railroad Avenue, Barnes, KS
KS 67622
The best route to Almena from Mokane

I suggest this!

If going to Unionville from Ellaville I suggest first make a stop at Fishing Creek School (Historical). It's great. After that visit Sunken Airplane. I liked it! Next stop by Tarleton's Tea Table, it is good.

GA 31806
Fishing Creek School (Historical)
Browns Crossing, GA
Sunken Airplane
US 221, Clarks Hill, SC 29838
Tarleton's Tea Table
Old Whitmire Highway, Devils Cross Roads, SC 29108
The best route to Unionville from Ellaville

From Bonnet Shores to Seward with a stop for a place worth some time

Driving to Seward from Bonnet Shores first hit Fish & Ships. It's great. After that look in on Lawton W. Shroyer Memorial Swimming Pool for a cool off in the pool!

Bonnet Shores
RI 02882
Fish & Ships
Shared Use Path of the Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Tappan Zee Bridge, Tarrytown, NY 10591
Lawton W. Shroyer Memorial Swimming Pool
Race Street, Shamokin, PA 17872
The best route to Seward from Bonnet Shores

My fav stops to Fort Benton from Philipsburg

Last time I drove from Philipsburg to Fort Benton this was my route.

MT 59858
Broadwater Avenue, Broadwater, MT 59636
Atkinson Pool
5th Street North, Cascade, MT
Country Club Boulevard, Fox Farm, MT 59045
Fort Benton
MT 59442
The best route to Fort Benton from Philipsburg

A nice trip to De Soto

Driving from Dowagiac to De Soto make sure to first of all hit Retro Fitness for a leg stretcher and some pulse! Secondly pay a visit to B Fit for some exercise. After that make a stop at McDonald's for a meal.

Retro Fitness
608 East North Avenue, Glendale Heights, IL 60188
B Fit
East Lincolnway, Morrison, IL 61270
220th Street, Williamsburg, IA 52361
De Soto
IA 50069
The best route to De Soto from Dowagiac

The best way to Cedar Key

While going from Doerun to Cedar Key a way would be to first of all visit Best Western Plus Valdosta Hotel & Suites for some rest! After that stop at Sno-Cones to fill up some energy. Next stop by The Jackson Trail historic marker. It's good.

There you go!

GA 31744
Best Western Plus Valdosta Hotel & Suites
Northlake Drive, Barko Village, GA 31602
3766 Old Clyattville Road, Old Clyattville, GA 31603
The Jackson Trail historic marker
Southwest 351 Highway, Horseshoe Beach, FL 32648
Cedar Key
The best route to Cedar Key from Doerun

Going to Oviedo with a stop for some food

If driving to Oviedo from Camp Hill first of all make a stop at Burger King to have some snacks and something to drink! Then make a stop at Retirement Home for Horses, it is good.

Camp Hill
AL 36850
Burger King
Holloway Avenue, Albany, GA 31701
Retirement Home for Horses
Northwest 173 Road Street, Spring Hill, FL 32615-6393
FL 32765-8888
The best route to Oviedo from Camp Hill

My fav stops going to Garrett

Going to Garrett from Great Valley this is a nice way: visit Planet Fitness to break some sweat!

Great Valley
NY 14741
Lakeview United Methodist Church
Lakeview Avenue, Conneaut, OH 44030
Planet Fitness
Hull Road, Perkins Township, OH 44839
IN 46738
The best route to Garrett from Great Valley

I suggest this!

Going to Sevierville from Lonaconing I suggest hit Walmart Supercenter for a leg stretcher and some shopping.

That's the one.

Walmart Supercenter
1881 Robert C Byrd Drive, Raleigh County, WV 25873
TN 37864
The best route to Sevierville from Lonaconing

A nicer trip to Anderson

When driving to Anderson from Blytheville I suggest hit Eastland Mall for great shopping!

AR 72315
First Baptist Church of Metropolis
Gurley Road, Metropolis, IL 62960
Eastland Mall
East Virginia Street, Evansville, IN 47715
The best route to Anderson from Blytheville

My stops from Kamiah to Vale

While going to Vale from Kamiah I suggest you first of all stop at Tourist Trap for picking up a few things! Lastly hit 44 Degrees North for good shopping.

Tourist Trap
Main Street, Riggins, ID 83549
44 Degrees North
East Lake Street, McCall, ID 83638
The best route to Vale from Kamiah

A nice trip to Kulpmont from Secretary

Ok!, Going to Kulpmont from Secretary make sure to stop by The Rustic Peddler for a leg stretcher!

MD 21664
The Rustic Peddler
2424 Whiteford Road, Pylesville, MD 21160
PA 17834
The best route to Kulpmont from Secretary

A nicer trip to Milton from Town of Victor

When driving from Town of Victor to Milton I suggest first stop by Bald Mountain Fire Tower. Next hit Boonville Fitness Center. It's good! After that make a stop at Dewey X-country ski center for a leg stretcher!

There you go!

Town of Victor
Bald Mountain Fire Tower
Town of Webb, NY 13420
Boonville Fitness Center
Post Street, Boonville, NY 13309
Dewey X-country ski center
George H Lapan Memorial Highway, Saranac Lake, NY 12983
The best route to Milton from Town of Victor

Hot Beverages

Consuming Ginger every day can help improve your health because it reduces inflammation, kills germs, and fights cancer-causing molecules. When I was young, I only drank ginger tea when I had sore throats and nausea. The flavor it adds to the tea is delicious and it can easily spice up any food so I thought why not use it in our diet every day. Now, I like to drink ginger is not just my green or black tea but also in coffee and milk tea.

A nice trip to Ryan

While going to Ryan from Farmersburg I suggest you first visit Charterwood Community Pool. It's good! After that pay a visit to Peoria Heights Observation Tower. It is a great stop.

Charterwood Community Pool
Meander Way, Shamrock, IL 61736
Peoria Heights Observation Tower
East Kingman Avenue, Peoria Heights, IL 61616
The best route to Ryan from Farmersburg

Set reasonable goals

There's no way to lose fifty pounds in a day, or to go from couch potato to marathon runner in a week, with enough self-discipline you can become fit relatively quickly.

Start by exercising daily, if you're a sedentary person start with 15 minutes of low-impact exercise every day. If you push yourself too hard, you risk hurting yourself and losing progress, or burning yourself out and quitting altogether. And always remember to stretch before and after your workout to warm your body up and minimize soreness.

Once you've become comfortable with that, move up to thirty minutes a day, and increase as you go along. Make sure you set concrete goals within your skill range and work your way up slowly.

A nicer way from Wells to Herriman

When going to Herriman from Wells stop at Smith's for good shopping!

NV 89835
Plateau Street, West Wendover, NV 89883
UT 84096
The best route to Herriman from Wells

These were my stops from Riverdale to Radersburg

When going to Radersburg from Riverdale first of all stop at El Sol Mexican for awesome food! Next make a stop at Ennis Sugar High for a caffeine kick.

El Sol Mexican
North Main Street, Logan, UT 84341
The Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-day Saints
East 300 North, Rigby, ID 83442
Ennis Sugar High
US 287, Ennis, MT 59729
The best route to Radersburg from Riverdale

Going to Sullivan with some some food added

If driving to Sullivan from Allen I suggest first stop at Culver's for a tasty meal! After that look in on Cedar Valley SportsPlex, it is great.

3048 5th Avenue South, Fort Dodge, IA 50501
Cedar Valley SportsPlex
Jefferson Street, Waterloo, IA 50702
WI 53178
The best route to Sullivan from Allen

Post frequently

Updating your website regularly with fresh content is key. Your readers are driven by your content, and clearly, so are search engines. Posting content regularly is considered the best indicator of a website’s relevancy, so always stay on top of your content game. Also, schedule a reminder for auditing your content. Audit your content as frequently as you can – quarterly, monthly, or even weekly.

Why not this trip?

Driving to Ingalls from Darien I suggest first of all stop by Den Viewing Area for a leg stretcher! Then stop at Forest View Farms for some horses.

WI 53114
Den Viewing Area
8400 31st Street, Brookfield, IL 60513
Forest View Farms
16717 Lockwood Avenue, Oak Forest, IL 60477
IN 46048
The best route to Ingalls from Darien

My fav stops to Salina from Addington

If driving to Salina from Addington this is my preferred way: first of all look in on Piedmont High School Football Stadium for a leg stretcher and some pulse! Next make a stop at McDonald's for a great lunch.

OK 73520
Piedmont High School Football Stadium
Taylor Avenue Northwest, Piedmont, OK 73078
West Willow Road, Enid, OK 73703
KS 67401
The best route to Salina from Addington

A nicer trip from Orchard to Axtell

While driving from Orchard to Axtell I suggest first of all hit Burger King for a tasty meal! Then stop by Brookshire Brothers for some shopping.

TX 77464
Burger King
US 290, Chappell Hill, TX 77832
Brookshire Brothers
400 West 2nd Street, Hearne, TX 77859
TX 76624
The best route to Axtell from Orchard

All the way to Bliss

While driving from Thompsonville to Bliss I suggest you stop by Eastport Market for picking up a few things.

MI 49683
Eastport Market
5431 US-31, Torch Lake, MI 49627
The best route to Bliss from Thompsonville

Pour some caustic soda

Before using caustic soda, grab a pair of rubber gloves and some protection for your eyes. Caustic soda (Sodium Hydroxide) can cause severe chemical burns. It’s easily available at all hardware stores, but practice caution while handling it. Fill a mop bucket with ¾ gallon of cold water, and pour in about 3 cups of caustic soda. Stir the mixture well with a wooden spoon until it begins to fizz and heat up. Empty it into your clogged drain and let it sit for about half an hour, and then run some hot water into the drain. If required, repeat the process. 

Pour some caustic soda

These were my stops from Remer to Glenwood City

Ok!, Going from Remer to Glenwood City make sure to first of all visit Hinckley Pool for a quick swim in in the pool! Next stop at Cassidy's Restaurant for a something delicious to eat. Lastly make a stop at St. Croix Scenic Overlook, it is good!

Hinckley Pool
201 Main Street East, Hinckley, MN 55037
Cassidy's Restaurant
327 Fire Monument Road, Hinckley, MN 55037
St. Croix Scenic Overlook
St Croix Trail North, Arcola, MN 55073
Glenwood City
The best route to Glenwood City from Remer

Ride the Horse in Western or English Style

The horses are trained in Western or English riding styles. By looking at the saddle of the horse, you will be able to know if you will be riding the horse the Western or the English way. If the horse has a smaller saddle that covers the back and a little part of the sides, the saddle is an English One. If the Saddles are large, heavy, and covering a lot of body area, the saddle shows that the horse understands Western commands.

Use shower gloves

While scrubs can be a great solution for some people, they may be a bit too harsh for those of us with sensitive skin. A great alternative to a physical exfoliator is shower gloves. EcoTools makes a great inexpensive pair that you can get at Ulta, Target, or your local drugstore. They are made from recycled materials. They gently exfoliate your skin in the shower and you can control the amount of pressure you use while exfoliating.

Make a DIY Cinnamon Mask

Cinnamon is an anti-bacterial spice that has exfoliating effects on the skin. It is also great for blackheads removal. Mix 2 teaspoons of cinnamon powder with 1 teaspoon of honey and mix well.

Start with soaking a towel or washcloth in warm water, squeeze it, and lay it on the areas that have blackheads. Areas with more blackheads are your nose, around the nose, and chin. When the towel cools down, dip it in in warm water, squeeze and lay again. Keep the towel on for at least 5 minutes.

Apply the mixture to the areas that have the most blackheads. Gently rub to remove the blackheads and exfoliate the skin. Remove the mixture with a washcloth and rinse with water. Apply toner to soothe skin.

Make a DIY Cinnamon Mask

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