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Maintain Table and Chair Balance

In the workplace, while sitting at your desk, adjust the height of the chair to level with the table. Sit near your desk so you can rest your arms and elbows on the table or chair. This will help relax your shoulders.

Drink plenty of fluids

Stay hydrated! Dehydration causes the secretions in your nose and soft palate to become stickier, resulting in increased snoring. The recommended daily water intake for women is about 11 cups, and 16 cups for men (including from both, food and drinks). While this might not stop your snoring entirely, it can help reduce the intensity of your snoring.

Drink plenty of fluids

Hash Browns

Potatoes can be cooked in various ways. Hash browns are the perfect mouth-watering snack and breakfast recipe. To make hash browns, peel potatoes and grate them. Wash them two or three times with cold water and then use a strainer to get rid of water. Use a cotton cloth to soak the remaining water.

In a frying pan add a teaspoon of butter or olive oil and lay down the grated potatoes. Spread them all over the pan and stir once every minute. When it seems to have cooked partially, press them down on the pan and cover the frying pan. Crack and pour two eggs and cover the pan to cook. When the eggs are cooked and the potatoes are crispy, slide the hash browns in a plate. If they appear uncooked on top but the other side is done, let them bake in the oven for a minute or two. Grab a fork and enjoy hot, hash browns.

Do What Scares You

Most people say they are afraid of heights, some are afraid of traffic accidents and don’t drive. Find out what scares the shit out of you and then conquer your fear. If you are afraid of heights, jump off a cliff into the water. Doing what scares you changes your life in a positive way because your fears don’t hold you back.

Let's say you want to see the world but here are you are afraid of flying. Find out your greatest fears and deal with them. 

Family Budgeting

More often than not, you're living in a shared space with other family members like your siblings, spouse, kids, etc. If so, the best option is to have them sit alongside you while you're drafting the budget. The family needs to be on the same page with money and, more importantly, everyone needs to contribute to state the things that will cost money that month. If you're single and living alone, don't finalize the budget in one sitting. Create a draft and edit it over the course of the next week. You might periodically remember things that you forgot before.

In a frying pan

If you have a skin-on salmon filet, the simplest way to cook it is in a frying pan.

In a frying pan

To start, get your frying pan and in it heat equal parts butter and oil so that it just covers the bottom. Then take your raw salmon filets and sprinkle all over with salt and pepper.

Lay the filets skin-side down (the oil should sizzle) and let cook for a couple minutes until the salmon starts to turn opaque. Then, cover the pan with a lid so that the salmon can cook all the way through, about 5-10 minutes, depending on the size.

Remove from pan, finish with salt and pepper if needed, and a squeeze of lemon if desired.

Less is More

The fewer pictures and videos you share with the person, the better. No one wants to see 10 photos of unknown people at a family reunion singing and dancing. They’ll probably have nothing to say about it and even if they say something, it can be a boring or awkward situation. If you really want to share a photo, share one photo at a time. You went to the gym, share 1 gym photo. You went to a concert, share 5-10 sec video and that’s it. 

Dance it out

Dancing is one of the most fun forms of cardio you can do at home. Aside from being a great workout, it's also a good way to destress and produce some endorphins. All you have to do is blast your favorite song and let yourself feel the music. It will be so much fun that you won't even feel like you're working out. You can do it alone and dance it out while no one is watching or you can invite your friends to join in on the party! Dance it out

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