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Pay off loans with higher interest rate first

If you have multiple student loans at different interest rates, then pay off the loan with the highest interest rate first. Many people pay equal amounts to all their loans. For example, if you have loans at 2%, 3%, and 5% interest rates, paying $100 each month to all the loans will take longer and your interest rate on a 5% loan will keep on increasing. So, pay off the entire 5% loan first and then move to loans at a lower interest rate.

Greet the Dog

The best way to greet a dog is to let the dog smell you. When meeting a dog for the first time, put your hand a little forward so that the dog can smell it. Once the dog takes a sniff, and seems okay with it, go on patting the dog on the neck, chest, or tummy. Pet the dog in such a way that the dog can see your hands coming towards their body. Surprise pats and quick motions can make the dog uncomfortable so avoid sudden movement and touching.

Greet the Dog

Spa-Style roll

Make your bath feel welcoming and luxurious as a five-star hotel. It is very easy to do a spa-style roll with towels.

-       Lay the hand towel on a flat surface.

-       From the length side, fold one corner to the center.

-       Now fold the towel in half lengthwise and then flip it.

-       Roll the towel tightly toward the pointed edge and tuck in the flap.

-       Display the towels in an attractive wooden bowl for the perfect look.

Practice relaxation skills

When anger strikes, put your relaxation skills to work. Imagine a relaxing scenario, practice deep breathing exercise, or repeat a calming phrase like “This too shall pass.” You can also try putting all your anger in your journal. Write down what frustrates you and then tear off the paper. All these activities will help you relax and control your anger.

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate is rich in magnesium which helps maintain good gut health. Dark cocoa is also a good source of antioxidants which lowers your chances of cancer, heart disease, and other chronic diseases. Choose a bar of dark chocolate that is more than 70% cocoa. 

Cocoa can also help regulate the adrenaline which lifts your mood. 

Dark Chocolate

Wipe with Vinegar

Vinegar is a safe chemical that can squeaky clean surfaces and is effective for killing germs. To disinfect a rubber mat, pour some white synthetic vinegar on the mat, spread it with a sponge, and let it sit for 2-3 minutes. Wash the mat with water and there you have a clean and disinfected rubber mat in 3 minutes. You can also use bleach to disinfect a white rubber mat but avoid using it on dark-colored mats as the bleach may lighten the color of a dark mat.

Wipe with Vinegar

Fried Rice

A quick and extremely easy to make rice dish is fried rice. If you have some leftover plain boiled rice in your refrigerator use them to make fried rice. There are no rules when it comes to fried rice. You can add meat, vegetables, eggs, or all of these to the rice.

To make egg fried rice, make scrambled eggs and keep them aside. If you want to add meat, cook the meat and set it aside. You can fry a chicken breast, some bacon, or any other meat of your choice. Slice the meat into bite-size pieces when it’s cooked.

In the same pan, heat some oil and add chopped carrots, onions, and a teaspoon of garlic and ginger paste. Add some salt to your taste. Cook for 2 minutes or until the vegetables are golden. Add the rice, green onions scrambled eggs, and meat. Throw in some black pepper and stir for a minute. Enjoy!

Fried Rice

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