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Don't Close Old Credit Accounts

'Age of credit accounts' has a 15% weightage in deciding your credit score. You could be planning to take a loan in near future and therefore want to improve your credit score. A good history of paid debt shows that you can be trusted. Old credit cards that are active in the present show up in your credit history.

If you close the old cards, it would reduce the credit card limit and increase the credit utilization which will ultimately knock off points from the credit score.

Don't Close Old Credit Accounts

Create a disk image

Creating a disk image (for your Mac or for your PC) is a very efficient way of backing up your files, folders, and everything else on your computer. It greatly reduces the setup time in case of failures because the disk image will take care of everything. It will restore your OS, installed software, files, and everything else. You can create a disk image and burn it on a DVD or store it on an external HDD or a USB-stick.

PS: If you're not very keen on laboring through the process yourself, you'll find some great utilities here and here.

Create a disk image

Health Conditions

Some health conditions such as infections, celiac disease, cancer, thyroid problem, and diabetes may cause a sudden loss of weight. To find out how to gain weight properly, find the cause of weight loss. Talk to your doctor or see a specialist, to get the most reliable advice. Learn about the foods you should consume often and what to avoid. 

Health Conditions

Drink water

There are many factors that contribute to a hangover, but the biggest one is dehydration. Alcohol dampens all of your senses, including one you're not even consciously aware of. When you drink, your body suppresses a hormone called vasopressin that tells your kidneys to hold onto water. This makes you pee more. You may also find it harder to notice signs of fatigue and dehydration when you're drinking, and if you smoke when you drink, this dehydrates you even more. It's important to drink plenty of water (1:1 drink:water is ideal) while you're drinking to minimize hangovers.

Drink water

Try redecorating

Many sleep problems that we suffer from have to do with our environment. If your room lets in too much light, especially the wrong kind of light, it can disrupt your sleep.

Consider getting blackout curtains if you have a window in your bedroom. As suggested by their name, these curtains will block out all light coming in and help you to get a more restful sleep.

There is also such thing as "sleep lights", lamps that adjust their light output based on the time of day to establish a clear "wake up" and "wind down" time. The human circadian rhythm relies heavily on light cues (the sun going up or going down) to know when it's time to go to bed, so these can be especially helpful.

Another helpful tool is weighted blankets. Weighted blankets are filled with specially weighted beads to apply light pressure to your body, imitating the feeling of being swaddled, which many find soothing.

Take breaks

Trying to concentrate on one thing for hours at a time will not be beneficial to you in the grand scheme of things. It's important to give your brain time to soak up the information and process it. Taking breaks will help you retain the information. After 45 minutes to an hour of work, get up and walk around. Take a water break. Scroll on Instagram for a bit. 15 minutes later, you can come back and get back to work. Take breaks

Lemon and Strawberries

Slice strawberries and lemon thinly. Add them to a clear water bottle or your regular water bottle that you would take to work or school. The strawberries and lemon will make the water fruity and tangy. It will not be a strong flavor but it can be appealing and interesting to drink, especially if you find it boring to drink plain water.Lemon and Strawberries

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