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Earn Commissions as a Real Estate Agent

People are always selling and buying properties. If you can help a buyer meet seller and close a deal, you can earn 5-15% of the property’s value, depending on your location, and the property’s worth. Talk to a local real estate agency or network online. People post ads for selling or buying a house on the internet as well, find such people and help them close a good deal. 

Earn Commissions as a Real Estate Agent

Written by Angelica Garcia
1 month ago

Drive for Uber

If you have a car and spare time, drive for Uber or Lyft after work and on weekends. It may sound like a boring thing but it can help you build connections and meet different people or drive to places you haven’t been to while making some cash on the side.

If you can have an agreement with a local car booking company, you can drive people around town and charge higher for your services. It can help you make more money but you will be driving them around all day and will be waiting in the car for them a lot.

Drive for Uber

Written by Harlan Douglas
1 month ago

Sell and Resell Items

Have you heard it from a friend how they buy stuff at garage sales and then sell it for higher on online reselling websites or apps? That is exactly what you can earn a good profit from. If you are good at bargaining, go to garage sales and buy things that you know you can resell to make a good profit. You might come across furniture pieces that need upholstering. Upholstered furniture can sell at a similar price as new furniture. Find ways to make money by buying and selling items. Buy items that you are sure, you can sell later at a good price, in another market.

Sell and Resell Items

Written by Ernestine Jackson
1 month ago

Try affiliate marketing

I have a good presence on Instagram. I have a public account with about 1 million followers. My interest lies in tech devices and so, I started to review them back in 2016. In no time I had enough followers to make my website and promote different products and services (all relevant to my niche) to get a good profit cut.

 Just include the affiliate links in your blog and Instagram posts. Whenever someone clicks and makes a purchase through your website, you become eligible to receive a commission fee from the affiliated company. 

Written by Clint Baker
2 days ago

Join Affiliate programs

We all want to make extra money beside our regular salary. The best way you can earn extra money is using the internet. There are many ways of making money online and the best way among them is via affiliating. There are many free affiliate programs online that you can sign up. Try to pick the ones that have high demand in the market. The best thing about affiliate marketing is that you do not need to work all day to make money. You simply write a review or content about the product you are affiliating and post it with the purchase link in your Facebook, Twitter or Blog accounts. The more people make purchases through that link, the more money you make.

Written by Leo Norris
3 days ago

Take part in online surveys

Many research companies are paying for participating in their surveys. Filling in each survey takes approximately 5 minutes. By spending 5 minutes you can make a considerable amount of money for such a small task. Some surveys pay out upto $5 for completion. It is a great way for students to make money in their spare time. As there are no commitments, students can focus on their studies and also earn money on their spare times. You can search the web to find many surveys that pay you money for participating.

Written by Fredrick Guerra
3 days ago

Fill online surveys

I am a high school student and I have always struggled financially. It wasn’t going well until one of my friends told me about paid surveys. You see, research companies are always looking out for new members across the globe to test and survey products.

One survey takes about 10 to 45 minutes and you can even ag up to $5 for some surveys. However, the website can stop you anytime if your answers do not relate to what the research company wants.Fill online surveys

Written by Devin Bradford
2 days ago

Online trading

Investing in the stock market is a lucrative way to obtain money if you do it safely and properly. You can make a profit or suffer a significant loss by the same token. There’s no need to fund stock brokers. There are plenty of online market trading platforms.

For instance, offers a free practice account and has more than 12 million users worldwide. The copy feature of eToro makes it easier to obtain money. Copy the investments of top performers and you are good to go.Online trading

Written by Vicky Gordon
2 days ago

Find what you're good at

Find out what you're good at that other people may be able to benefit from, brainstorm from there, and you're well on your way to making money.

For example, maybe you were at the top of your English class. Offer your services as a proofreader, either through the help wanted ads, or on a freelance site such as Fiverr or

If you like to draw, maybe try to sell your art online, or through local art fairs.

If you speak another language, you might be able to get a job as a translator.

Use your imagination, and the resources at your disposal (the internet, community events, etc.) to help you.

Written by Owen Kirby
2 months ago
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Earn extra money

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